Cartier Handbags

  1. Anyone own any Cartier Handbags., saw a beautiful burgundy logo hobo at a high end thrift today, for mid $400's-are they passe, is that burgundy logo sort of patent leather totally out, or is this a classic model, how do they hold up?
  2. i have a cartier clutch from the 80s. (i was 4 when my mother got it.) still intact. love it. doesn't look passe at all. classic.
  3. Thanks candycouture, will get it, it is beautiful!
  4. I love the leather and shape of cartier bags..
    it looks so expensive and yet they are very affordable
  5. I recently saw an ad for Cartier handbags in a magazine. I think it was Vanity Fair. Anyway, the bag they showed was quite classic and something I would consider as an addition to my collection.
  6. I like the Cartier handbag. I have one with blue sapphire crystal on the clasp. The leather last avery long time. It is a unstated elegant and uncommon like the Hermes.
  7. I have one, bought this a long long long time ago
  8. I have one.... it was my mom's.. still intact!!!!
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