Cartier/Gucci/michele in costco!!

  1. I went to Costco today for some groceries shopping.
    And on top of the coach, there's prada and chole purses
    In fine jewelery, I see Cartier tank with diamonds and 2 other Cartier watches all diamonds, I also saw some Gucci watches, michele ( on top of the normal Omega for men).

    I know costco is not an authorized re-seller so how did they get these?? The watch look 100% authentic, I was wearing my michele at the time and it looks exactly the same as the one in display.

    Is it legal for them to sell these watches? Do these big brand names know their watches is on sale next to diapers and milk? :wtf:

    I am just shocked at seeing Cartier tank there.
  2. I also saw Cartier watches and Baume Mercier at my Costco. What is with that? They make them exclusive to Cartier, NM and CD Peacock. Where does Costco fit in? Maybe they are not selling like they used to? I was looking at a Roadster at NM, but I have second thoughts now because of Costco.....
  3. Wow! I was just looking at the new bubbles watch on Rodeo Drive and my DH suggested looking at Costco. I laughed at him..oops!
  4. They've been selling them online as well. I don't think they are fake. Cartier would have shut down a big retailer like Costco from selling them pretty quickly.
  5. they have great stuff sometimes, really bizarre.
  6. I don't know if the stuff at Costco is authentic or not, but just looking on their website, I would rather go to an authorized watch dealer of the particular brand. It doesn't look like you save all that much money.
  7. My local costco sells Tags and Omegas that are authentic, so they may now be getting overstock from other designers now?
    Yikes, if they start selling Rolex or Patek Phillipe, I'm going to be really mad!
  8. Costco has Tag Heuer?? :wtf:
  9. believe it or not, my dad buys my mom diamonds from costco (he can afford to go wherever he wants)

    they are upfront about their pricing, he likes to see the certificate..he is not one to haggle or deal with a jeweler

    he buys them there, so she can return them if she likes..she is really picky, and drives jewelers crazy.

    so dad goes to costco. she loves him for it, then returns what she doesn't want. she just loves that he goes and buys her something.

    i have no problems with costco, and yes the cartier there are real. i have one...bought a tank francaise there a few years ago, just had it serviced at cartier. its the real deal.
  10. yeps :p
  11. Look, if Costco is going to sell big ticket items like flat screen/plasma TV's that are Sony & Panasonic, why is it unheard of to see such items as Coach purses or Tag Heuer watches? These are REAL items that costco is selling, it's not a market in a 3rd world country selling knock-offs.
  12. My Costco also has a couple of Chopards (Happy Diamonds), Cartier, etc. and yes, they're authentic.
    There's a negative stigma associated with Costco but their pieces are really no different than you'd buy in a jewelry store in terms of both quality and price. My dad got my mom one of those diamond 3 stone (past present and future) necklaces a couple of Christmases ago and she wears it every day. It's a beautiful piece!

  13. I haven't seen any Rolex, but I've seen Patek's sometimes on their website... :yes:
  14. Really, Patek Phillipe?! :wtf: I am in :heart: with the Twenty-4 (24) line with the diamonds down the size of the face... that's my next purchase. I may have to start stalking the Costco website now. LOL.
  15. What are the prices on the Cartier's?

    lvbabydoll - do you know how much the Chopard's were? Were they the ones with the rubber bands?