Cartier engagement ring question

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  1. Hi girls, my friend told me cartier sell the engagement ring settng, u can buy it and buy the stone from other this true?
  2. i have never heard of cartier selling a standalone semi-mount without an accompanying center stone. the closest thing i know of is a friend who had the stones from a cartier ring re-set into a new, identical setting due to damage to the old setting
  3. Cartier does offer a service where they will set your stone in one of their settings. I've seen it advertised in a few bridal magazines. The impression I get from the ads and some brochures I saw in the store is that it's for exceptional stones (size/quality) or high quality heirloom stones. It does not seem that they will just sell you a setting, rather they will work with you to set your stone in one of their mounts.
  4. ^that does actually ring a faint bell - good to know they are open to working with exceptional stones not of Cartier provenance! (^(oo)^)v
  5. Good to know thanks girls
  6. :woot: