Cartier E-ring pricing---what in the world?

  1. We were in atlanta yesterday looking at e-rings from Cartier---for those who own one or have looked at them:

    1) 1.5 carat (1895 pave style), F or G, VS2---$27,300
    2) 2.09 carat (1895 pave style), G, VVS1--$86,600!!!

    What a HUGE price difference for 0.5 carat??? Is that normal---seems vastly difference---granted that one has almost no inclusions...

    Have been told by Tiff's SA that Cartier is generally more expensive? True? But then again, she also said they themselves are raising E-ring prices by 10% in July
  2. I would say it's true that Cartier E-rings are generally more expensive. I was comparing both solitares from Tiffany and Cartier and it was at least 10-20% more at Cartier.

    As for the price difference between the 1.5 and the 2.09ct, there's usually a step when you pass every 0.5 or 1ct mark. The prices dont' increase linearly, it's more like exponentially. Also, VVS1 is 3 grades higher than VS2, that that'll contribute to the big price difference.
  3. Part of that jump is that you hit the 2ct mark. That is a significant jump anyway but in VVS1 ESPECIALLY. IF you can go down in clarity to a VS1/VS2 on that size it'll be much less expensive, but still your first child and perhaps your right arm as well.
  4. We've been looking at engagement rings too. My original is about 30 years old and we can now afford something bigger so....

    Anyway, from what we've seen, I think the information you got from the SA was probably accurate. I also agree with what the posters have said. It is such a shocking difference in price, but it's what we have been seeing here while shopping in the Wash., DC area. Haven't been to Cartier, yet, but did go to Tiffany's.

    Have you looked at They have a lot of excellent diamond advice on that forum.
  5. Something to remember...if you want a 2 carat ring, try to stay under 2ct. once you go the slightest bit over, 2.09 for example, the price jumps. Plus, Cartier has a huge mark-up as it is. My ex-fiance bought my engagement ring from Cartier (in 2003). It was a 4.09 ct Starburst cut (wish I had thought to stay right under 4 to save $), with 1.11 ct of trillions on the side VVS1, F in color. It was listed at $140,000, but my ex-fiance "haggled" with them and they came down to $114,000. If you do decide to go with Cartier, I suggest haggling because they do have room to bring the price down & still make a huge profit.
  6. Thanks for all your responses---we will continue to look and see whats out there!!! I'm sooo indecisive about what I like---the more I'm trying on, the more choices I have to consider...hahah...

    2 Many Bags---Do you mind elaborating what "haggling" he had to do? I've actually heard that about Cartier but wasn't sure how to approach it. Even if we could knock off 10-12% of retail---that would be awesome!

    Many thanks again---you guys are great!!!!
  7. ^^
    I am intrigued now that I read Cartier will discount their prices. Does Tiffany's do that too?

  8. **This makes a significant difference in pricing...
  9. 2 Many Bags---Do you mind elaborating what "haggling" he had to do? I've actually heard that about Cartier but wasn't sure how to approach it. Even if we could knock off 10-12% of retail---that would be awesome!

    Many thanks again---you guys are great!!!![/quote]

    My ex-fiance basically said to the saleswoman that we were interested in purchasing the ring, but the price was a little out of our budget & asked if she could do any better on the price. She said she would speak to her manager & get back to us. She did so and gave us a number between $140 & $114....I don't remember now what the number was. He asked her a second time if they could lower the price anymore, she went back to her manager again and came back with $114,000. He tried a third time, but that's as low as they would go.

    Leelee, I'm not sure if & how much Tiffany discounts their e-rings.
  10. Tiffany doesn't discount - Cartier does.
  11. Are you completely decided that you want to go with Cartier or Tiffany? You can get a non-branded ring a lot cheaper (just asking, not trying to be a smart aleck). I have a 2.11 J/VVS1 that we purchased in December 2002 from a wholesaler and it was just under $8K.
  12. Some of you may not believe me, but it is possible to get a discount on Tiffany. It wasn't an easy task, but my fiance got them to take off ~10%...but in the end, we didn't go with them.
  13. hi gingerfarm, how did your fiance get them to take off 10%? Just lots of hard negotiating? Thanks
  14. Yeah, how??? We're planning to buy another e-ring soon, please give me tips!!! You'd think I'd get a discount after all these years buying from the same SA...all from the fine jewelry floor, too!
  15. Wow, Clanalois, you are upgrading your e-ring? Lucky girl!!!

    My fiance is in Japan right I called him and asked so I can tell you guys. He's like, "you called me long distance...for THAT???" ;)

    Here's what he said,
    He went to Tiffany said to the SA, "I really like this ring, but it's out of my price range."
    SA says, "It's one of the best rings out there."
    Fiance says, "I would really like to get it, but here is what I can get at these other stores (insert high-end store)."
    SA goes talks to manager and comes back with a better price.

    This is the simplified version, and there was a lot of research involved at different stores before. You need to know exactly what you want and negotiate the price on the exact one you want.

    Also keep in mind that my fiance is a really good negotiator...he basically does this on a daily basis, so that helps. I didn't believe that he's good, until he showed me that you could get the price down at Tiffany...then I believed him. I think that it's also that people are scared to negotiate at Tiffany, so they don't try too hard, but it doesn't mean it's not do-able.

    Hope this will help you all! Good Luck!