Cartier does not let you try the Love bracelet on?

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  1. I went in today and I was told that you cannot try the actual bracelet only the steel measurements. My dilemma is that my mom want to give me her bracelet but it is a 17. I am more of a 16, but without being able to try on the real thing why would I shell out the $$. They told me it is company policy and they do it so the bracelet will not get scratched. I think it is rude personally. The whole point of jewelry shopping is to see what you look like with the piece on.
  2. It's a hard piece to take on and off again, so I understand where Cartier is coming from. Since your mom already has the 17, why don't you try on hers?
  3. Some stores they do. My store let me try mine on.
    I guess it is a no no. But my sa let me. He had me take off other jewelry though as not to scratch it.
  4. I guess it depends where you go. First time I went to Miami to try it on and they gave me the steel measurements too. I didn't want to buy something that I couldn't actually see on my wrist. When I went to Barcelona, I was able to finally try it on and see the result. If you have the chance to try another boutique, you might be able to try it on.
  5. I am already wearing her 17 and had it in in the shop. The 17 is a bit too big but since I cannot try on an actual 16 not sure I want to shell out the money. I understand the reasoning but still its jewelry so I think it is obnoxious. I can tell that the 16 would be a better fit but its hard to spend nearly 6K without seeing what something looks like on.
  6. Wow, that sucks. I was able to try it on at the SF boutique.
  7. Yes, my SO was able to try one on at the San Fran boutique too, but I do truly understand the reluctance that the SA had. If everyone that came into Cartier tried on a Love bracelet, they would eventually be scratched and they would not be able to sell it.
    However... I bet Cartier could afford to alllow one of each size of the actual bracelet to be the one to try on, and even though it would get scratched, it would be the floor model.
    I say take your mom's 17. These bracelets are quite expensive, and I would GLADLY take a free Cartier Love bracelet any day, even if it was a size too big.
    Good luck with your decision!
  8. At the Beverly Hills and Topanga store they used the steel sizer to determine the correct size(s) for my wife. Then brought out several of the real bracelets in different colors and sizes to try on for a fit. The sizer isn't the same as the real bracelet. For that kind of cash I wouldn't accept not being able to try it on first!
  9. Yes that is the way I feel. I think I just had a really *****y SA. I wonder though is it really company policy? I do not look like a bum (even if I had what right do they have). I was wearing a birkin and already had a love bracelet on. Then the SA starts telling me how it needs a screwdriver to be taken on and off. I told here I am aware of that, hence I am wearing one on my wrist. Even some of the other SA's (I think they were new) did not know about this.
  10. That sounds terrible! There's no reason that they should treat you like that.. like they are doing you a favor by allowing you to spend your $6k on their jewelry! Especially since you can't return it and the sizer isn't exactly the same size as the bracelet.

    I don't know much about Love bracelets myself, but I would imagine that you could try it on without screwing it tight, especially if you just want to see how it fits. I would definitely try going in again, or even going to another boutique if that's possible for you.
  11. You have to try on the actual bracelet to get a feel of the weight and how it sits on your wrist. Once I tried on the actual bracelet I didn't like how it kept twisting and locking up my arm. I would have never been able to discover that with just trying on the sizer. I agree they should have a 'floor model'.
    Trying it on isn't going to scratch it. Geez, unless you have on other jewelry. It's a small thing to do considering how much $$ you would be dropping. So what happens if you take it home and try it on and return it? Same thing, someone has tried it on. Big whoop. These SA's need to get over it. I think they just don't like the hassle.
  12. I wasn't allowed to try on the actual bracelet either, I just held up the various colours of gold to my skin to see which looked best. I do understand their p[olicy because with each colour of love bracelet plus options like diamonds would add up really fast cost wise to have sample pieces on the floor.

    Plus I doubt Cartier is lacking in sales even without the floor samples! I'm sorry you had a crappy experience at Cartier, my experience wasn't anything special either to tell the truth, but I got my bracelet and I was happy after that. I find I'm treated way better at Tiffany :biggrin:
  13. I wasn't able to try the actual bracelet either, i could only imagine how many people come in to Cartier on 5th every day.
  14. That is so odd. . .I've tried on the bracelet at every boutique I've been to (Rodeo, SCP, Topanga, all Vegas locations; they only screw one screw though) so I could see myself in the full length mirror with the bracelet on. I agree that you NEED to try on the actual bracelet because the sizer is not a good indication of what the bracelet is like. This last time, I even got to try on the Love with my other jewelry (including another love). Very odd. I think they should let everyone try it on :tdown: I'm sorry that happened to you. Do you have another Cartier boutique near you? Maybe there are different policies at different boutiques or you'll have more luck with a different SA?
  15. They let me try it on the other day in the St. Thomas store. I was not dressed to impress either during my day of sightseeing and shopping! But I was very impressed with their customer service and tax free was oh so tempting!!