Cartier discontinuing gold (aka yellow gold) tanks?!


Mar 18, 2010
Has Cartier discontinued the yellow gold Tank Americaine?? (I see another thread below about another tank in yellow gold being discontinued. Are they really discontinuing yellow gold tanks?!)

I did not see the gold Tank Americaine at a local store on my last visit, and I also do not see it online.

I had just bought one a year and a half ago. I love it very much. I find it mind-boggling that they might consider discontinuing the watch in the actual color that gold is! I have always loved Cartier and yellow gold and felt they go together perfectly. The time-tested classics of jewelry.

I'm very happy I did buy my tank when I did if it is now discontinued, because I didn't want to buy it pre-owned. However, I'm very alarmed at what would, I think, be a very foolish move from Cartier, to move away from gold, the most classic of all luxury metals. Rose gold and white gold are technically gold as well and I don't mean to pooh-pooh them, but it is gold itself that is that true classic hue. Is Cartier deciding to be trendy rather than eternal? I feel this could kill what makes them Cartier.

Very alarmed! Please reassure me that I have misunderstood.


Aug 2, 2015
I sure hope not! I doubt they would ever go completely away from YG but according to my SA new releases are usually made at first in only RG or YG and then introduced in other metals and combinations. So if this was a new design it would make sense but it is a classic so it is odd