Cartier Diamond Love vs. Tiffany Victoria Ring

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Cartier or Tiffany

  1. Cartier Love Diamond Ring in White Gold Setting

  2. Tiffany Victoria Diamond Ring in Platinum Setting

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  1. I know it's a personal choice, but curious as which of these two you prefer - PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR VOTE!:

    Cartier Love Diamond in White Gold
    Tiffany Victoria in Platinum:
  2. I VASTLY prefer the Victoria. And I also would prefer the platinum over WG.
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  3. No contest, the Victoria hands down. It's so unique and pretty.

  4. Tiffany :smile:
  5. Victoria
  6. Agree - Victoria is stunning!
  7. Tiffany!
  8. Thanks for voting....keep them coming! Seems like almost all of you prefers Tiffany Victoria. They are both the same price, but you get more of your money on Tiffany because it's set on platinum rather than white gold.
  9. Love the Victoria... The Cartier seems a bit masculine imo
  10. Definitely Tiffany. I like the love ring, but just in plain gold, otherwise it doesn't have the edge that it originally does.
  11. Victoria- so beautiful. Also I would choose Platinum over White Gold any day.
  12. I love Cartier and I like the Victoria..I voted for Tiffany in this case, but I think it's more of a question of which one is more your style...
  13. Victoria!
  14. Victoria by far