Cartier deals

  1. Where would you recommend ordering a tank cartier watch from? Is Jomashop authentic??
  2. Jomashop is authentic but you will not receive the manufacturer's warranty. Visit and bargain with the authorized dealers in your area or call around to authorized dealers in other states and have it shipped to you.
  3. Liljenquist & Beckstead Swiss Watches is a good place. I bought 2 cartier watches from them once and they gave me 20% off. But i decided to return one but i still got my 20% off for the one i kept. I told the SA i will go back to him in the future.
  4. i got 10% off at bailey banks & biddle
  5. that's good to know, i'm looking for one myself and there's one in my area..
  6. 10% seems like what most dealers will give.
  7. Yes, try an authorized dealer in your area. Usually they will give you a 10% discount and it still has its warranty. Cartier themselves may also give you a discount.
  8. hi, how long ago did you get the 20% discount...and how does one go about asking for similar discount? TIA!
  9. yes, definitely check them out. I just asked my SO, and he said the discount was actually 20%.