Cartier Cuff Size 15

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  1. Hi Folks,

    So I have been patiently waiting for the Love cuff to be available in size 15. And now that the bracelet comes in a 15 it seem inevitable. Has anyone heard anything?

    I went to the store last fall and was so kindly told it was about a $1500 premium to order the smaller size 15 (less material / more money)? I laughed and left.
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  2. SAs told me that with the cuff, you need a size up. So, if you need a 15 in the bracelet you may want to consider 16 for the cuff. I know this was true for me.
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  3. I would go for the 15 bracelet, rather than premium with 15 cuff.
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  4. That was not true for me. Here is the size 16 on....

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  5. Is bcuz the bracelet is loose on you? Or you want a tighter fit? The 16 looks perfect. Just need to shake your wrist to see if twist or comes off.
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  6. I’m a size 15 for the full bracelet and a 16 cuff fits me pretty well!
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