Cartier catalogue?

  1. Do they just send these to anyone nowadays? LOL

    I received one in the mail today with a personalized letter! I have never ever been in one of their stores and have never even bought jewelry from any other upscale jeweler.

    Beautiful pieces in the book, no prices though ;)
  2. Perhaps one of your credit card companies (or a store you did order from) sold your name to them? Interesting :weird:
  3. I bought a pen for my purse from them last year, and I got a catalogue from them... personalized letter, too.

    It did come with a smaller booklet tucked into the end of the catalogue. Booklet had black/white photos, page ref# & the prices of each piece... although the more spectacular pieces had "price upon request"!

    Nice stuff, though.
  4. wheres mine! i have bought from them too! grrrrrr
  5. I've been looking at the trinity rolling ring and the sales women gave me a catalogue. It has beautiful diamond engagenent rings in it that I had never seen in the store. Really beautiful stuff but with equally breath-taking prices ! :p
  6. I think it depends on the SA... the SA that sold me my pen was super sweet & I think she knew it was my 1st purchase at the boutique.... she added a whole bunch of catalogues in my bag, as well as samplers of the perfumes, and the cards explaining the charity love bracelet...;)