Cartier bracelet JUC or a single 1 carat diamond pendant necklace?

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  1. hello Ladies, I really didn't want to post it in any other thread but create a separate thread for it. I need your birthday is coming up and I am really debating between 2 pieces that I would want to have. I already have a Love bracelet in yellow gold and was hesitant if I should rather get a JUC bracelet also in yellow gold to wear it with Love one or I should rather get a 1 carat diamond pendant to match my diamond earrings. What would you suggest? Thank you!!!
  2. JUC forsure!!
  3. Diamond necklace!
  4. Thank you ladies. What will hold the value more? I am not sure if the diamond is not from a brand name store ( but a very good quality) it will hold its value as good as JUC. What do you think?
  5. I vote for JUC! you won't regret it!
  6. I'd choose the diamond.
  7. It's a very hard choice ☺️☺️☺️☺️ If the bracelet is Cartier do you ladies think it will keep the value better? Since the diamond is not of any brand?
  8. Diamonds are always my top choice :smile: I am one of those people who really doesn't care if diamonds are brand name, but that's just me. I have both a diamond pendant and a JUC that I pair with my love and while I love pairing my JUC with my love, I'd go with diamonds all the way. The only other thing to consider is that the JUC is going to continue to go up every year....a diamond pendant, you can always get a good deal on. Good luck deciding!
  9. Diamond. Go with a company reputable for cut and u can upgrade the size later on too. I'm not sure if your looking at round brilliants, but if u are check out Whiteflash or Brian Gavin as they focus on the best cuts possible. I would avoid branded diamonds, most of them are poorly cut and over priced. I was also debating a juc little while ago but I'm having a hard time justifying a piece that I'm not sure has longevity due to its design. Good luck deciding
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  10. I vote JUC for sure!!! I am saving up for my own so I am a bit biased!! I think the price of JUC will just continue to go up, up up….. Diamond pendant I think you can buy at a later date and you will not pay more! Resale value for the JUC is going to be better I would think, although I am no expert!
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  11. I vote diamond pendant.
  12. JUC for sure, I just got my YG JUC to go with my Love & I haven't removed it since I got it just over a week ago, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sleep with it on but I haven't even noticed it.
  13. JUC first!!
  14. Had the same dilemma back in January (for my birthday too!!). I was looking at adding either a 1ct solitaire to go with my 2.02 ctw diamond studs, or a JUC to go with my love. I ended up going with JUC and have never regretted that decision! Go with JUC! It's simple and elegant. You can always get a diamond solitaire later. I ended up getting a Tiffany .33 ct FI yellow dbty. Very excited for you!
  15. Juc, diamond later