Cartier BB watch or Tiffany Diamond Soleste earrings


UK via AUS and USA
Dec 1, 2012
Do you already have a nice watch or pair diamond earrings that you love? If so, choose the one you don't have.

All things being equal, I love the whole Soleste line. It's so special.


Aug 22, 2011
I have a David Yurman watch with diamonds. At that time was between that and a Cartier Tank. My husband liked the DY watch because it was more trendy and gorgeous. I had diamond studs but sold it. Didn't like it that much. For the past year, I have been searching for my perfect diamond earrings and the Soleste got my attention but I love watches and I adore the BB.
This is my DY watch:



Jan 5, 2013
Well I'll start by saying I LOVE Tiffany, even worked there when I was younger but IMHO I wouldn't buy diamond studs there. I take that back-I would if $ was not a factor but for most of us it is. You can get a lot more bang for your buck buying diamond earrings elsewhere. Don't get me wrong the quality is outstanding but in my eyes diamond studs are diamond studs. The ballon bleu (which I looooove btw) is a great investment and def worth it as its a classic everyday piece. I'd go for the watch and maybe buy loose diamonds to have studs made. Hope that helps!! But you really can't go wrong either way!!! Both stunning pieces!!