Cartier battery change/servicing - no boutique close by

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  1. Hi all :smile:

    I purchased a PreLoved Cartier BB 33mm watch...trying to decide if I keep it or not -- can I have the battery changed at a non - Cartier location? There are no Cartier boutiques in my state, or neighboring state, and curious how I would take care of battery replacement, link additions or subtractions to the bracelet, etc.

    Thanks for any and all info you can share :smile:
  2. You could mail it in.. I wouldn't let anyone other than Cartier touch mine.
  3. Thank you :smile:. I think I am going to return it ... It come with the extra links, however the bracelet is so small I cannot even get the watch on to see what it looks like. (This one is a 33mm, and I think a 36mm would look better on my wrist)

    I imagine if I had the links added it would cause issues with a return, so going to wait for the perfect watch to come along.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  4. If you don't mind my asking, where did you get it from? I'm interested in a SS 33mm BB