Cartier Ballon Blue medium size two-tone or SS?! Quartz or Automatic?

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  1. Hi guys,
    Im on the fence about which one to get! The two tone is also about 2K more than the SS. I wear both gold and silver jewelry and feel like thats the easier to match option, but I also think the SS looks sleeker? Opinions? TIA!
  2. We're in this together! I definitely cannot do 2-tone as it is over budget! I tried it on last Friday anyway. The 2-tone is so subtle that it almost looks all ss especially in certain lighting. I've been told that it is better to get automatic.
  3. Can't wait for us to be twins! My husband just looked at both and interesting that the quartz doesn't have a secondhand but the automatics do! So I'm definitely going for the automatic now.... The two tone is subtle so I'm not sure its worth the extra dough, but I do mix my jewelry grrrrr.
  4. personally, i thought the ss looked better. great watch!
  5. Tracky527 - When are you purchasing yours?
  6. SS. I don't prefer watches with gold on them, in part because of allergies.
  7. Thanks for responding guys! Looks like SS is winning. Hokaplan, I'm looking to purchase asap, still deciding on where to purchase. I have a local dealer here who is willing to discount 20% but I also have a NM gift card that i'd like to use to partially pay for hte watch but their max discount is 12%...
  8. Go with the SS. Solid-color watches just look so much better than two-tone, and you can still wear mixed metals with a SS watch.
  9. Tracky527 - That discount is fantastic!!!!! You're so lucky. The Cartier store does not give any discount. But she will give a free service. What do you think that is worth? I can't get mine until first week of November. But that is ok. I like having something to look forward to!
  10. My husband is in vegas and went to the cartier store in the forum shops yest and asked about a discount and they said "not on the ballon bleu!" But they did say u can get a tax break if shipped out of state so that might be an option for u to save a little? I think a service is worth 2-300 so thats about 5-6% savings so not so bad also. November is soo close!
  11. Have him try the Cartier store at Wynn.
  12. Oh cool hes staying at the Wynn so I'll have him check. Thanks so much!
  13. The SS probably will not scratch as much as the 2-tone, since gold is easy to scratch. Definitely get the automatic.