Cartier Bags

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  1. hello all!
    I am considering to get a Cartier bag. Does anyone here own one?

    Do help me decide if I should get one by sharing pictures and your experience of using it - does it scratch easily, functionality etc..

    Thank uu all so much in advance!
  2. Hello
    I have several bags I just got this one in the suede for a birthday gift, trufuthy cartier is the only brand I buy anymore
    I also have this same bag in light pink so roomy easy to carry
    Their wallets are great also, really all the assecories are fantastic

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  3. Thank u so much for sharing!
    I gonna try to get to the boutique to try this model on! :smile:

  4. My DH got me a mini c de Cartier earlier this year. The craftsmanship is fantastic, and for the mini size it is surprisingly roomly. I can fit a Hermes medium size Kelly wallet, card case, cell phone, sunglasses case, keys, Kleenex, hand lotion, lip balm, and a brush in easily. IMG_20180415_125555.jpg
  5. Hi,
    May I ask if its scratched easily? And how about the corner wears? I am thinking about the mini size also in black and I would like to know your opinion after carrying it for sometime. Thanks!
  6. Good Morning
    Love Cartier bags, never had trouble with corner wear or anything like that. I think the black would be a good choice I have the suede and then I also have a pink that was a limited edition in that collection and a couple of styles, happy with them all.
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  7. Hi! I can confirm after some use (more like a weekend bag for me tho) there is no corner wears and scratches at all! I am still very impressed with the quality and actually is tempting to get a medium in burgundy. :smile:
  8. Hello,
    Thanks for you reply. I have chanel classic flap however I want to branch out a bit to jewelry houses that produce bags. I like bvlgari, but I am not into snake heads although they are exquisite with neat enameling and sparkling stones.
    Cartier seems my best bet since the lines are simple and the prices are excellent.
  9. Hello,
    Thanks for your input! Glad to hear that the bag wears well. How about the weight of the leather and the cotton lining? Does is get dirty easily?
    And yes, burgundy would be beautiful neutral as well..
  10. The bag is not consider light, but since mine is a mini and it comes with a shoulder strap it is still very comfortable carrying around for the whole time. If you are considering the medium or larger version, I would suggest seeing it IRL at the store and see if the weight is manageable.

    The leather is easy to clean with a damp cloth, and it doesn't get dirty easily even in light color like mine.
  11. Thanks for your input. Yes, I am planning to go and see the bag IRL. Glad to know the leather can be cleaned with no problem. I saw on IG, there is a lady carrying her mini yellow (like yours) and it looks fantastic on her. I never thought that yellow can be neutral.
  12. I never thought about Cartier bags (at most a scarf) but I might have to consider it
  13. I really like the Guirlande de Cartier bag in red smallest size. Will probably get it but I want a piece of jewellery first :biggrin:
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