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  1. Hey there,

    today I would like to ask you what do you think about the newly launches Marcello de Cartier bag.

    Cartier has never been known as a great bag brand, however, I think this bag looks really great! :tup: It's very innovative, yet also elegant and could become a quite iconic bag.... I love the shape!

    I am curious what is your opinion!

    Thank you all and many regards,

    Black Marcello.JPG Black Marcello croc.JPG Furry Marcello.JPG Marcello bordeaux.jpg
  2. LOVE it....
  3. Love the shape, and I really like the red one.
  4. I love the red and crocodile ones...
  5. I really like them, esp the red and croc. Too bad the logo is so prominent (although not as bad as some other brands!)
  6. I have this bag in black and I love it:heart:
  7. I think it's strange that Cartier bags aren't more popular on this forum. They are exquisite and I see quite a few of them each time I visit one of the bigger cities.
  8. really pretty! :biggrin:
  9. 2ND one is lovely :tup:
  10. Dear all!

    Thanks for your interesting comments. I couldn't restrain from buying the small midnight Marcello bag (unfortunately the Croco did not fit into my budget :crybaby:) I LOVE it!!!

    Actually, I agree with Liberte, there are really nice bags at Cartier and the brand is so tres chic, why is it not more popular in this forum?

    Especially the eve bags are pretty pretty pretty. Maybe it is because they are sooo super expensive? I still need to safe for the eve bag..... But the Panthere ones are great. It's just so elegant. Well, when time comes.... :boxing:

    By the way, maybe you can help, which one would you go for? Can only afford one!
    Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg

    Attached Files:

  11. The first one -- very pretty!
  12. Thank you! What do you think about the elongated pouch in gold (the PDF attachement)?
  13. Those bags are lovely!!! I never really associated Cartier with bags, but wow now that I see them, they are really nice!!

    Congrats on your purchase!
  14. Yes, those are beautiful bags. bambou, I'd go for the first one. Congrats!
  15. Does anyone know how to authenticate a Cartier Purse. I bought one at the thrift store not sure if its real or not:confused1: