Cartier and Chanel?

  1. Do you like which one between this cartier and Chanel? Just consider about the look of them. Do not count whether they are classic or not.



    thank you :tup:
  2. Cartier!!!
  3. cartier
  4. i LOVE the chanel...actually thats been on my wish list ever since i found it first in at a las vegas boutique

    its SOO yummy in real life!
  5. ^I also love the Chanel. so pretty...
  6. doubt about it!
  7. I prefer the Chanel. Didn't you already buy the Cartier, though? Can you return it?
  8. Chanel!
  9. Dear,

    I have bought a cartier nearly 2 months I think :smile:. Love it but couldn't forget a Chanel.
  10. My vote goes to Chanel, its Gorgeous!
  11. Chanel, I have a couple of these watches and LOVEEE them. They seriously don't scratch, does the Cartier?
  12. Chanel!
  13. For me, :heart:Cartier:heart:, the tank or roadster!
  14. I prefer the Chanel.
  15. Cartier , if I had a choice, if not the Chanel. Both great watches, for me the Cartier will always have the edge.

    Unless the Chanel was much cheaper than the Cartier.