Cartier advice and Tiffany WG please..

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  1. Hi there,

    As a wedding gift from my wife I am interested in the Tiffany Atlas WG open ring, or the Paloma Picasso Platinum 24 hour band.

    As the wg ring is 18kt, will it lose its clour if worn every day. I have had wg rings over the years and they lost their rhodium, but Im wondering if T&Co use a different alloy or something to stop it from 'yellowing' over the years. I want something that I can keep and wear for ever.

    If it will lose its colour, Im inclined to go for the Platinum 24 hour true love ring - I havent seen it in person, Im wondering if it is a shiny?


    Im intrugued by Cartier's Love rings, or the double C, but in plain white gold only, has anyone an idea on how much these are? At a push Ive got $1500 to spend.

    Tiffanys has soecial sentimental value for me as a store over the years, for various reasons, and Ive only ever been into cartier in NYC once, but I thought Cartier was well out of my price range.

    Sorry if any of my questions have been answered before, Ive found this to be an interesting forum to browse, and I have looked for hours this afternoon ifor answers to my questions.


  2. The rate at which a ring will lose its rodium coat depends on the acidity of the sweat of the wearer.. some people just wear down those rings faster.
  3. In general Cariter is more expensive mainly because they are a foreign company. The white gold ring from Tiffany will lose its Rhodium plating with time but it's hard to say how fast. I also have a WG Atlas ring from Tiffany which I've had for 3 years and haven't had any problems. Fortunately Tiffany will Re-Rhodium plate your ring for life, free of charge.
  4. thanks for that TD. I considered the WG Atlas, which I love, but in the end decided to plump tof the platinum Tiffany and Co. plain band ring. Very understated, yet now invaluable to me for sentimental reasons.