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  1. Round two! Stroller help thread was very helpful (not just to me, but to a lot of us!), so I thought I'd start a carseat help thread.

    I already have an infant seat that we'll use until baby no longer fits in that, so I'm looking for help with a convertible seat. I have two bookmarked, and honestly I'm not sure which one is "better" than the other. They are quite different in price and features, so I guess I'm wondering if the extra $100 makes sense to spend.

    Here are the two I'm looking at:

    Britax Roundabout G4 Convertible and Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible

    Britax goes up to 55lbs and Maxi-Cosi up to 70lbs. I'm just wondering if I really need one up to 70lbs... when do they go in a booster? Also the Maxi-Cosi has more support, but since we're not using it for an infant, I'm not sure how much I need that. Maxi-Cosi one looks cooler though, lol.

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  2. If I were you, I wouldn't pick out a convertible carseat until you are actually at the point to buy one because new models come out all the time, and the model you like today may not even be available in 12-18 months when your child has outgrown the infant seat.

    I experienced this personally when we were making the transition from infant seat to convertible seat. I bought a convertible seat with excellent safety features and weight capacity, and within the next year went online to find the model to send a link to a friend to recommend it, and our exact seat had already been replaced by a new model (same manufacturer).

    You've probably got a ton of stuff to think about getting ready for the new baby, so let this decision slide for a bit. Just my $.02.
  3. Maxi-cosi.. I'm biased because that is the one I'm getting...

    ETA: I just realized you're not talking about infant seats. NVM.. I haven't researched the bigger car seats yet.
  4. I have them both on my registry... you know, just in case some amazing relative or friend wants to buy it for us, lol. Our infant seat is an older model, so I'm not really concerned about getting the newest thing. We bought a Britax infant seat, but I'm not married to the brand. The convertible seat seemed like it was a good one for the price. But that Maxi-Cosi looks so awesome!
  5. I haven't even looked at bigger car seats yet but in regards to infant seats this link my friend sent me helped me a lot! I am getting the maxi cosi because it snaps into my bugaboo donkey and is absolutely the lightest in all of buy buy baby lol! It sucks though it only goes to 22 pounds.
  6. i found a comparison of a Roundabout 55 which is probably very similar to the G4 when it comes to safety issues vs. the maxi cosi. It looks like the Britax is better safety wise and the Maxi has more bells and whistles

    Also I can not recommend this site enough for any and all car seat questions
  7. I don't know if either of those do but when we bought one for DS we got one that spins around so that when he's getting in and out, it faces the car door then spins back into the forward facing position for travel. Absolutely invaluable as it's much easier for him to climb in and out himself and MUCH easier for those days when he's feeling a little awkward and turns himself rigid!
  8. My DH loves the Nuna car seat (really likes the sturdiness) but I really need to do my research on others...
  9. We have never used an infant seat but a convertible seat, Britax First Class Plus which allows our boy to sit from newborn, facing rear, till about 3 years old. Sometimes it is not the weight more of height. If your child's head has grown over the headrest, then it is time to switch. We switched to a toddler car seat with adjustable head rest, that should last for a while. He is still using it and will be 5 in May. However, I use booster seats for my mom's, mother in law's and our small car for just short distance, going to and forth from school. I find that babies outgrow the infant seat very fast, but I'm not sure if it is a requirement in your country.
  10. This wouldnt be the 2nd seat you get as it doesn't rear face but this one is awesome for boys, just bought one for my nephew who lost his mind for it

  11. I do agree this is a low priority item for now. Wait until your child is growing out of the infant seat and reaches any minimum requirements on the store model of the one you want.

    This is the one I chose, the Britax (Safe n Sound Platinum AHR/SICT) which looks similar to your Maxi Cosi.

    We certainly don't use all the bells and whistles it has (iPod connectivity please!!). It came out top for safety compared to everything else available here. I bought 3. Adjustment for my chubby toddler is a challenge, otherwise it's fine. Probably not worth full price (AU$650 each), with discount more acceptable ($450), but as well as safe it had to match all our cars. If looks are less important the same safety features are in the cheaper models. Same goes for every brand I think.
  12. Since I'm putting it on my registry I'd like to get help now. Plus I'm not going to be working after baby is born, so I'd rather be able to buy it now then have to worry about it later.
  13. I have a Britax boulevard70 for about 3 years now. Lo has been in it since about 9 months. My lo loves it and has done multiple long trips in it each year. There is a lot of padding in the seat and headrest which makes it comfortable for her. The straps do not get twisted or tangled so she able to get her self in the straps and then I snap them close. Very easy to install, and adjust headrest and straps. It does take up a lot of space and cup holder must be purchased separately.
  14. Are you open to other suggestions? We have the Britax Boulevard and I'm not the much of a fan. It's okay and will be great once we can forward face but right now it's a real struggle to get our dd into it and I find that the straps do get twisted alot. When we were shopping we also considered:
    Peg perego primo viaggio convertible - comes in leather which looks great and would be much easier to clean
    Diono Radian rxt - wish we had got this one, but dh wanted one that was more bucket style
    Chicco nextfit convertible - wasn't available in canada when we bought so not an option for us but looks nice
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    Another seat to consider would be the Graco Headwise/Size4me. It has high limits and is great for ERF.