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  1. I really liked this movie and waiting to watch it again on DVD..What do you think guys? :supacool:

  2. Loved it!!
    Got the DVD too couldn't wait for xmas.
    My bf and his race team enjoyed it too!!
  3. got the DVD..I didn't get it yet :sad:
    I bought most of the cars in the movie for my son!! :yes:
  4. We love that movie. I know they had CARS as a happy meal toy at McDonalds a while back and my sons collected them all. My 5 year old son wants the Lightning McQueen car (the one that runs on its own, talks, etc...) for Christmas. But man, are they ever expensive. (for a 5 year old anyway... :yes: )
  5. I have been wanting to see this movie!! I need to go and buy the DVD.
  6. I really enjoyed this movie with my kids!! We will be getting in on DVD also.
  7. the swan...that's too bad you haven't gotten it yet.
    I picked it up at Future Shop here in Canada las week
    My favourites were the Blue Porsche and the little Italian forklift truck
    his job is my job at the race track!! Looove him!!
  8. At last i got it yesterday :yahoo:
    Start loving the race truck..NEED any help..:nuts:
  9. Tow Mater is my favorite!! Cute movie!!
  10. I loved it in the cinema! its out tomorrow on dvd in the uk :smile:
  11. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  12. Hope you enjoy watching it again :yahoo:
  13. hehehe, i went to the cinema to watch this movie with my friend and her 2 year old! what a mistake that was!!! I dont think i remember much from it because i was trying my hardest to keep the little 2 year old in her seat... i'm not too sure if its on dvd yet (in NZ) but i'll be sure to get it out and watch it again...
  14. you should watch it again!!! :yes:

    It's too funny and you will like it very much ( if you watch it with friends not babies!! ) ;)