Carrying your Birkin...Open or Closed?

  1. Hi, Folks.

    I've been carrying a birkin daily for the last 14 years...always wide open with clochette, keys and lock carefully suspended (and perfectly symmetrical) from the right front handle (when facing the bag). I've noticed that some members choose to remove the clochette and lock...and some wear it beautifully closed. Is one mode considered to be more "chic" than the other...or is it just a matter of personal taste? Any opinions?

    My thanks.
  2. I vote for open; I'm too lazy or in too much of a hurry fiddle with the straps etc all the time unless it's a Kelly, which I normally reserve for evenings.
  3. I always wear my birkin open and tucked in. IMO open is more attractive than closed, but everything falls out in the car. Kelly i wear with straps loose but turnplate closed. With the straps loose, it's not fussy and you can close it easily and nothing falls out. I'd never use an open birkin in NYC, with all those perps.
  4. I always keep mine open and accessible. I only close the flaps in and thread it thru when I'm going thru security/takeoff/landing at the airport.
  5. I have it wide open too. ;)
  6. I keep my birkin open (with my wallet zippered in the inside pocket) and my kelly closed-with clochette and lock.
  7. I like it open. I have a toddler, so I need to have it open for easy access to everything.:yes:
  8. I wear mine open when I'm moving about... it's much more convenient and less fussy that way. Especially when trying to locate my ringing handphone from inside the bag!!

    During airplane rides or in busy public places where I have to sit still for a long time though, I usually close my bag. Just seems too risky to have my wallet and belongings in a bag that's wide open...
  9. That's what I love about the fuss...just reach in and get what I need...but I would,will, close it if I'm somewhere that I don't feel comfortable.
  10. :roflmfao:
    Apparently I look too mean to be messed with? My friend told me on the phone tonight that she's just a little afraid of me. LOL!
  11. I don't think I've ever actually seen someone carry a Birkin closed- seems like it'd be a big ordeal just to pay for something.
  12. i close mine when i am walking in a bunch of people, i do not want anybody to ever pickpocket me! luckily i have been okay so far.
  13. I carry mine open. I like the closed look, but it is so much more accessible open. IMO no matter how you carry a Birkin it always looks chic!
  14. I love the open look of a Birkin. :smile:
  15. open!