carrying your b-bag home in the rain & snow

  1. so, y'all, it snowed yesterday for the 1st time this year in nyc & it came without warning while i was @ work with my new caramel work :wtf:...when i was leaving, i found an unused garbage bag in my desk (you know those big, black industrial types?!?!)...and i wrapped up my bag in it when i got off the subway & went on my merry way :p...i'm sure i looked like a freak carrying it home like that, but i didn't care :tender:...little did anyone know i had a $1K bag under there!!! :nuts:...if you have any goofy stories like mine about the lengths you'll go to, to protect your b-bag babies, please share!!!
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  2. aww that's so sweet!
    I'd never be that careful - I should really treat my bags better...:shame:
  3. I am the same way! I treat my bag like it's my baby!! hehe....... espically if it rains, I've actually put under my sweat shirt one time (thank god the sweat shirt was big enough)!! And boy did I get stares, but I didn't care! I'm protecting my investment!
  4. Luckily I work very close to a Saks, so the few times I have been caught without an umbrella and a precious bag, I ran over to Saks and asked for a plastic bag to wrap my bag in, and then I put it in a shopping bag. The people who work there are very understanding and accomodating! But I've never done that for my b-bags... only my python Chloes because those will really get ruined by the rain.

    I actually got caught in some rain last night while walking home with a b-bag, and it got a little wet, but was totally fine. I think they can withstand some water.:heart:
  5. lol, i thought about putting it under my coat, but it was too big!!! :p
  6. Ummm, I've sat in the car for an hour waiting for the rain to stop :shame:
  7. hahaha, i did that once last summer.
    it was one of those summer showers that just sneak in there during the day and don't go on for awhile, so I thought to myself...might as well wait in the car...and after 15 minutes it looked like it never rained at all...the sun was out and it was just gorgeous the rest of the day. :supacool:
  8. I got caught in the rain while shopping and I tried to stuff my Bbag into my shopping bag, but it wouldn't fit with all the other stuff I had just bought. So, I took out all the clothing I had just bought and carried it, and put my twiggy in the shopping bag. My new clothes got soaked by my bag stayed nice and dry:rolleyes: :shame:
  9. hey bama........I don't have a story, but I had to tell you that your work is TDF!!!! Is it brand new or did you buy it second hand. The leather is scrumptious! :heart:

    Also, didn't you buy a cafe day recently? Have you received it? I ordered one with OH from BalNY recently and was curious what you thought of the leather. :smile: :smile: :smile:
  10. I sometimes tuck my bag under my coat. I also frequently wear an extra-wide shawl-like scarf that I can use to cover my bag.
  11. awe, thanks so much cracker, i think it's TDF too :tender:...i lucked out & got it 2nd-hand on e-bay from one of my fave sellers, lvady arrived in excellent, like new condition & is one of the prettiest caramels i've ever seen...i started lusting after an s/s '06 caramel after seeing Deco & badbananagirl's yummy caramel cities!!! :drool:

    p.s. just got my cafe hobo/day this week & i love it :heart:
  12. My Roxy gets really wrecked in the rain but I have found my Bbag is fine, it doesn't mark at all!
  13. Same for me :yes:
  14. girls! your stories are too cute! I keep a huge dillards bag folded up in the front part of my city. it really comes in handy! I would recommend it. but I have to give my boyfriend credit, he's the one who thought of it. ;)
  15. ha ah ha... i was also trapped with the same situation with u with my caramle 05 weekender.
    luckily there's some stores on the road, i just ran in one of them and waited until the rain stops.
    ever since, i always carry big trash plastic :p