Carrying Work Clothes to the Gym?

  1. So this may be a totally ridiculous thread to some, but I did a ton of google searches and nothing came up that really matched what I'm after so I figured I'd throw my inquiry out to you all! I recently started going to the gym in the morning before work :amazed: i still can't even believe I get myself out of bed but I digress .. I work in investment banking and therefore often wear button down shirts and slacks to the office. I've been folding my clothes in a longchamp tote to change into after I shower at the gym (I go to an Equinox so the showers/locker rooms are all very nice and clean). Unfortunately, my shirts are getting terribly wrinkled. I only have one "real" garment bag, i.e., an actual material and not just the plastic they give you, and it houses my REALLY good suit so I don't want to use it for anything else. I'm contemplating just carring my clothes "naked" on their hangers into the gym going forward, but is this a faux pas? I don't think I've seen anyone carrying their clothes open. Again, I'm sorry if anyone thinks this is a completely trivial post but I'm just SO curious what you all do!
  2. I don't so. You are going to the gym - if any one has a problem with how you carry your clothing, they need to focus that energy on their own workout!

    Maybe you could put the plastic from the dry cleaner over the clothes if you are concerned about anything getting on the clothing while at the gym.
  3. You can get a permanent locker and keep a steamer or iron in there.
  4. I see people carrying in clothes on hangars. No biggie. Or just pick up a cheaper garment bag.
  5. I go to Equinox in a morning as well. I usually try to pack most of the stuff that does not wrinkle. My pants, my blouses, my jackets do not wrinle easy, but my husband carries all his shirts on a hanger. Not a big deal at all.
    At least, if you use Equinox you do not have to worry about bringing shampoo, towels, blow dryer.:smile::smile:
  6. Yes if its so important you should carry your clothes its nothing to feel too shy about..
  7. I put my undergarments and shoes inside my gym bag and carry my clothes in on a hangar. I also work out at Equinox and I see plenty of people doing the same thing.
  8. Do you have a steamer at Equinox that you might not know about? I have one at my club =)
    Also, try rolling your clothes inside your bag. That way, they get creased less.
  9. This may not help you if you've already invested in button-downs or prefer high-end brands, but I love love the non-iron shirts from Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic. I can fold them up and put them in my gym bag along with my work shoes and they stay wrinkle-free.