carrying two purses, WHY??

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  1. Maybe this is just London thing, but for over a year or so, I've notied that women carry two bags to work in the mornings :confused1:

    one cutelsuy little baguette or similar which carries a wallet and cigarettes :P and some massive tote/shopping bag/rucksack for their makeup, lunch, magazine bottle of water. I can understand carrying a gym kit but these women are in fact just carrying a seocnd purse. surely that's why work bags were invented :rolleyes:

    it's no bother to me, it's just seems a bit pointless...
  2. i guess so that they have a small bag to pop out to lunch with and a bigger one for stuff they may need to bring to work for the day? i don't know, i'm a huge bag lugger all the way :biggrin: the only time i carry two purses is at the airport because my documents get lost in my bigger bag and it's easier to have a small (by my definition anyway :biggrin: ) bag for wallet, tickets, phones, lipbalm (and cigarettes since you did ask :lol: ) and then put things like a laptop, magazines, books and food in the big bag.
  3. this is one of my biggest pet peeves. i know i shouldn't care about other people's accessories...but honestly. if you favor a tote, tuck the smaller one inside it until you nip out to lunch.

    (another pet peeve i need to remember: americans adopting brit slang. :angel: must stop reading sophie kinsella novels. :yes:)
  4. aah my favourite avatar :lol: :graucho:

    i don't mind it that much, what i hate is when they carry a tiny little pochette and a carrier bag :throwup:
  5. does anybody have a pic of these crimes? i know hot it looks the two bag thing (foolish IMO), but i think if we add photos it would be very funny!!!
  6. here's the first pic:
    jessica simpson with a cabas alto, a dog carrier and a something else


    what do ya'll think?
  7. argh! esta NO bien.

    none of it. the bags. the hat. the shirt. the jeans. no no no. :Push: just because you have the money doesn't mean you should carry it all at once. and i love jessica. so take that as you will. :supacool:

    oh an annannas: he's fab, isn't he? *insert swooning smiley here*
  8. i know :heart: *sigh*

    oh that outfit is.. ummmmmm... interesting :wtf:

    i do like the hat though :shame:
  9. i like the hat for gardening. and the shore.

    since i live at the shore it would be quite handy. :yes: well. it's winter here now...but eventually :yes:

  10. [​IMG]

  11. Yep, agree - it looks better w/ just one. But to be quite honest, I often bring two purses to work - one small pochette w/ essentials and a bigger tote for files & laptop. I would normally tuck the pochette inside the tote, and take it out only to bring it to luch or meetings when leaving tote at my desk - being a bit paranoid, I would normally carry wallet, cell, lipgloss & keys w/ me at ALL times...
  12. Yikes! I don't think it looks good carrying two. Put the smaller one in the bigger one!
  13. As far as the Jessica Simpson photo -- it looks like she's checking out of a hotel so naturally she would have more than one bag. :shrugs:
  14. Guilty as charged:sad:

    I don't really like most PC bags or briefcases, so I tend to carry a really, really big purse with all of my school/work stuff and a smaller one for stopping at the grocery store, etc.

  15. I forgot to add that there's a lady at my organisation who carries two small puses to work, on her shoulder, day in, day out. I'd ask her why but I'm not that cool with her.
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