Carrying the Mono print with confidence

  1. I'm seriously considering getting a Mono Speedy - ever since I saw a pic of Audrey Hepburn carrying one I thought it would be a good, classic bag to have. This would be my first LV and my most expensive handbag purchase to date.

    My last remaining hesitation that keeps me from buying one is people thinking that I'm carrying a fake. Logically I know I shouldn't care. But my situation is that I'm a (stereotypically broke) college student, to say the least I'm not decked out in designer clothing everyday, and I'm just worried that my lifestyle or the way I dress will give the impression that I have a fake bag - an image I definitely don't want to cultivate!

    I know this situation probably gets posted about pretty often, but I guess I just need a little confidence boost for myself. :shame: How do you feel when you carry a Mono bag? Has anyone ever questioned the authenticity of your bag? If so what did you do? Any advice about carrying the Mono print with confidence would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. hey, i'm a broke college student, too! the first week of school, i carried a mono BV, but honestly felt kind of awkward...but hey, that's just me...i don't really like drawing attention to myself. no one ever questioned the authenticity, even though i wear jeans and a tshirt almost everyday! it wasn't for me, but hey, all you need is confidence and you're good to go! screw what anyone else thinks.
  3. I am so broke as well, but I love my LVs!
  4. Hey. My situation was basically the same as yours. My Mono Speedy 25 was my most expensive handbag purchase EVER, and I am a grad student who should really be spending money on school. Whatever! We're young and we have the money from working hard (I work a demanding part-time job which takes up all of my weekends and nights).
    Just be proud that you could treat yourself to something really nice. Don't worry about other people. You already know that in your heart. We're at an age where everyone is scrutinizing us anyway-our peers and people older than we it doesn't matter about the bag. I'm especially broke now from my Louis purchase, but I'm really happy that I did it, because as one gets older it only gets more difficult to buy things for oneself.
  5. I think you should get it and wear it with proud.
  6. you know, i actually bought my first lv bag- the speedy- because of audrey hepburn. the sa told me when i bought it that the bag was made with her in mind and that the papillion was made with twiggy in mind. i thought that was interesting
  7. Some people have strong opinions about fakes. Some have strong opinions about authentic LV. Both negative and positive.
    I say, wear what you like. Just because you're a college student doesn't mean people will assume you're carrying fakes. There's really no such correlation, and if they don't know oh well.

    On that note, however, I'd not use a monogram bag for classes. Just my personal preference. I can be fashionable elsewhere.
  8. i'm a college student again! i rec'd my first undergrad in 2000 and now i'm finishing up a teaching cert. at first i was a bit weary carrying around anything LV because you never know what's on the floor or if it will get damaged (especially in MI when it snows and you get salt and slush everywhere). otherwise i don't care what ppl think. i love my bags and accessories, plus when i had a real job i was working hard for everything i bought so yea i might as well enjoy them! ppl are going to think what they want and if you love them, then it doesn't matter. however i should say that for me, i was getting annoyed carrying around a purse AND a tote for my books so i recently purchased a coach messenger. it holds a ton! i'm pretty rough on my school bags and this messenger is about as fancy as i will get seeing as though it hauls around textbooks (my prev tote was an llbean boat and tote -- the open top was sort of annoying too in rain and snow). i was considering one of the mono cabas totes or the neverfull, but my bean tote was pretty banged up and while i am all for using a bag, carrying my school stuff is probably very stressful on it! so aside from the coach messenger, my only designer item that i take to school is my pomme cles. today though one of my classmates said to me, "why look at fancy you in with your coach bag and louis keychain!" so yea, i'm representing a little, but the cles isn't exactly holding my math book.
  9. Thanks for your opinions everyone! They are really helpful! I just want to clear up one thing - I didn't mention that I was a college student because I have the intention of using the speedy as a school bag, I merely mentioned that so perhaps one could get a better picture of my current financal situation and lifstyle. It was for reference purposes only!
  10. I say wear it loud and proud!! I always feel great when I'm wearing my LV! I have had people ask me if it's real, and I always just give a little chuckle and say "'s real". But the point is that YOU know it's real...Besides, if they can't tell the difference between real LV and fake..then who gives a flip what they think anyway!?!? :p
  11. i had LVs when i was in college and i was never decked out in designer wear (the most flashy thing i wear with my LVs were designer jeans).

    at home i wear shorts and t-shirts and i don't really care if anyone thinks i'm carrying a fake. i wear my LVs with pride.

    you should definitely treat yourself. the "first LV" buying experience is so much fun and definitely memorable! :smile:
  12. Wear your LV with pride, hon. There are no requirements to be decked out in designer wear and have gazillions of $$$ in the bank (thought wouldn't it be nice if we all had gazillions in the bank?). You only have to want it in order to deserve it, IMO.

    In my experience, most people I see wearing LV bags are dressed very casually. In my town, women wearing LV are usually in jeans or one of those matching sweats outfits.
  13. I love carrying my LVs and as long as I know that they're authentic, that's all that matters to me.
  14. Believe me, people who buy fakes MIGHT think that you're carrying a fake, but someone who knows LV (like we do) can spot a fake a mile away! In short, as long as you know that you have the real thing, then you'll carry the purse w/ confidence regardless of what the clueless people think.
  15. I took designer bags to college too.