Carrying so many Tokis at once

  1. We did a little weekend get-away for my son and I did the packing. I ended up using 2 Lunas, 1 Ciao Ciao, 1 Campeggio, and another bag. The handles were long enough that we hooked the two Lunas and Campeggio to the stoller while my other son carried the Ciao Ciao. We passed by a little LeSportSac store and my husband waved at the SA and pointed to all the Tokis loaded on the stroller and on my son. She looked impressed and said "Wow, so expensive! Come buy some more." And I could hear some tourist behind us talking about "you know that cartoon," lol. It was so fun using them all at once. At least I know that even though my dh makes fun of Tokis, he really is secretly proud of them. :graucho: And since the Spiaggia is representative of Hawaii, he has to agree to me buying that one too, right?
  2. hehe that is too cute! :smile:
  3. Thats :supacool:. I cant wait to go on a trip and use my luna again. I'm sure that you'll be getting a spiaggia.
  4. I got a little chuckle out of that! Your dh is cute! :p

    So did you check out the Lesportsac store?
  5. No, we were going to our hotel. However as we headed out to dinner I did run in just to see if they had a pic of the Spiaggia print but they didn't have a pic so I left because dh and the kids all decided to wait outside, hehe.
  6. He! He! I knew you just had to take a peek! :graucho:
  7. HA!

    No willpower. :shame: