Carrying Nappa Gaufré bags

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    I've had my Nappa Gaufré sitting in my closet for months. I've avoided carrying it for fear of scuffs, rain spots, color transfer/stains and other horrible irreversible damages. For me, Nappa Gaufré is so delicate. I've always thought that I need to be mindful and careful of how I carry it. That is until yesterday when I said to myself that I need to start appreciating and experiencing this beauty. Life is too short to keep living in Nappa Gaufré paranoia and deny myself of the pleasure of carrying one. :smile:

    So ladies and gents, my question to you is this - What do you think of your Nappa Gaufré bags? Are they as tough as your other leather bags? What kind of leather treatment do you apply to these bags?

  2. Wow, it's like a ruffled pillow of luxury!!! I've had a gauffre hobo before and it carried itself just fine.

    I have a friend who has an affinity for gauffre bags and nothing major has happened to her bags - she has two kids as well.
  3. What a beauty!! Carry it, please, for me lol. I used to baby an LV bag due to my fear of the vachetta getting ruined. I finally said enough is enough and started carrying it. And the bag has turned out to be just fine. I am debating between the leather and nylon versions of a bag almost identical to yours. They are the new hobo style this fall season with both a shoulder strap and crossbody strap, sans the zipper, I think. I normally would not consider nylon but thought for travel it would be suitable. What are your thoughts? What's the color of your bag, by the way? It's truly stunning. Congrats!!
  4. Gorgeous!!! Sorry i'm not familiar with prada bags..can u tell me is this the new line up n what color is it? i'm absolutely adore this bag!!!!! So elegant!