Carrying more expensive LV styles = better service from SAs?

  1. I only have one LV so far, but after reading some of your posts, I think it might be better holding off on a "smaller" purchase and going for a bigger aka more expensive purchase.
  2. I'm the kind of shopper that tends to go into the boutique focused on buying something. Also, I prefer not to have SAs all over me - I like walking around the store, hoping that something will catch my eye. I'm sure that I've had SAs ignore me, but I've just never noticed! :lol: I just don't care. If I want something, I'll find someone who wants to sell it to me! If not, there are plenty of other places around that will!! :biggrin: Who has the time to suffer through petty interactions in stores??!!

    I think that I learned this from my Mother. She was a small lady, but when she encountered a rude SA, she would pull herself up to her full 5'2" height and level them with a stare that would melt ice!! :yes:
  3. Well I only own a NF & a Speedy so I can't really say. I did notice a SA and a guard whisper about me when I walked into the Rodeo boutique. I think they were questioning whether or not my NF was real. I guess when I get my Vernis Alma I can conduct my own experiment!
  4. Hmm... have carried different bags into the store. Never noticed a difference or I'm just oblivious. Should try this sometime too ! :p
  5. When I bought my first LV I was wearing armani jeans a white shirt and I carried a Armani Denim bag... The Store was pretty busy that day, my dbf got really botherd because of the fact we were already waiting for 30 minutes...

    When the SA came over I was so mad, so I simply said. Please you dont have to tell me anything anymore, I want this Bag and where can I pay for it?!

    I always try to look like (put well together ) casual/chique, but I noticed carrying an LV bag motivates the SA more then something else... beside a birkin or something like that...

  6. :shocked: Wow.. I'm speechless.
  7. This is pretty entertaining, Paris! I think similar experiences will happen in any store, too. Regardless of the store or the brand, if you're dressed nicely, or dressed like you're wealthy, service is better.

    I used to work in a high end department store in Michigan when I was in undergrad (not all that long ago :biggrin:) and we were actually TRAINED to spot people who would be a good sale. We were TOLD to profile people based on what they wore or how they walked. We were paid on commission, so I felt pretty good when I didn't profile the guy who came in wearing what could have passed for rags, when we spent close to $3000!
  8. I think it just depends on the personality and customer service ethic of the particular SA. I've heard that a lot of them are really elitist and rude, but occasionally I've heard about really nice ones (but the latter not often enough! Many of the members here have had nightmare situations with the SA's and managers.) I've had both good and bad ones. In general they've obviously got a really bad reputation, which is sad for the SA's that are actually friendly.
    And I wouldn't want to conduct the "experiment" of seeing how much better I'm treated carrying an LV rather than a non-LV. That woud upset me, because I think that all customers deserve to be treated with EQUAL respect and consideration!!!
  9. A quick note...I forgot to add that earlier the same day when I was walking to another department store in the mall, I managed to pass an LV employee (I recognized their uniform) and I know she noticed me and my Vernis Alma with my coordinating LV bandeau. Later on in the day, when we all visited the LV store, she remembered me and even told me that she totally noticed me walking in the mall. She was the accessories manager at the store, and was very nice to all of us. She rang us up so we didn't have to wait in the long line, and my SA offered us beverages while we waited. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning, as they saw that we were serious buyers with all our bags and we showed a great interest in their shoes. I may be on a bag ban, but that certainly doesn't me a banned from accessories! LOL! I think being dressed casual and chic, and carrying one of their statement bags DEFINITELY helps.
  10. It depends on the SA and the store. I've been going to the same store for all my LV purchases over the last 6 years and have had great service regardless of what I wear or am carrying. The last time I walked in- I was carrying an old Batignolles..... got impeccable service.