Carrying LV while traveling? Opinions?

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  1. I want to use my LV eva, but I worry that carrying a designer bag would make me a target for pickpockets. We'll be going to a lot of touristy destinations and amusement parks in Canada and the US.

    I bought an inconspicuous fossil crossbody to use, but I know I won't get any use out of it apart from this trip. I kind of want to return it :sad: it's cute, but definitely not something I would use here.
  2. LV is VERY common in the states (authentic & fake); you won't be a target for pick pockets. If you leave your fossil bag unattended someone will steal it, it's not the brand per se, it's whether or not the person is paying attention to their belongings.

    A crossbody bag is perfect. I usually travel with my Bloomsbury.
  3. Maybe I'm bias cause I live in the US, butI don't really worry about any location in the US/Canada. I don't really feel it's as prone to pickpocketing as Europe or Asia, even in NYC or big cities like that. Even the locals in touristy European cities warn of pickpocketing. But I'd carry my designer bags anywhere in the US/Canada.
  4. Choose something crossbody and zippered or has a secure closure and you're fine.

    Be aware of your surroundings.

    LV is super common though, even at touristy spots and amusement parks.
  5. I don't think twice about traveling with my LV, in fact, I am currently on a business trip in VA and have my brand new Retiro. Like everyone says, just be smart and be aware of your surroundings and you will be fine!
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  6. I live in Canada and travel a lot to the US and I never worry about carrying my LV's ever! In fact you'll prob see lots of LV's out and about. Just don't leave ur bag (fossil or otherwise) unattended or on the back of a chair in restaurant unsecured as that invites thieves. Eva is a good choice as its zippered. You'll be fine.
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  7. I'm a fashion student working at Nordstrom for my summers, and I've had a few customers in looking for a travel bag who were weary of carrying a designer bag in touristy or crowded places. In particular, I had a woman looking at an exquisite Marni bag (with an impressive clearance price) that was very anonymous, yet she ultimately opted for a more nondescript Kate Spade. I travel with a Prada backpack usually, as it's a simple nylon design and the brand isn't too noticeable. If your Eva is a Damier canvas, I doubt it'll be noticed in such a busy place but either war, kept zipped and worn cross body I think you'll be fine. Enjoy your travels!
  8. Travel everywhere with LV ... Never an issue!!
  9. I've never found it an issue traveling anywhere in the US with my LV's. I agree with the comments stating to just be mindful of your surroundings and always be attentive of your belongings. It doesn't matter what brand you're carrying as long as you don't draw attention to yourself by leaving your stuff unattended.
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  10. I have a Eva DE, the Eva mono would be the perfect travel bag (less dressy and dont have to worry about scratching up the front plate)
  11. I would avoid any loud branded bags at the customs & immigrations checkpoint, especially in Asian countries as you could increase your chance of getting targeted for random customs inspection when leaving baggage claim
  12. I have travelled all over the world with Louis Vuitton luggage and bags. I have never had any issue. The only place I did not take Louis Vuitton with me was when I went to Rio.
  13. I travel around the world everywhere with LV and Hermes, to US, Asia even Israel, never had any issue. I use monogram neverfull as plane carry on all the time, it's open tote, never had any issue too. With any bags that does not have a zipper, I just put a scarf on top of my stuff to cover up. Eva has a zipper, just don't leave it unattended you should be fine. But very honestly, everyone is different, if using a designer bag makes you uncomfortable you should NOT use it and return it.
  14. LV was made for travelling, I love to travel with my mono bags.
  15. As long as your bag is zipped and keep it close to your body in front then you should be fine. LVs are common here (both real and fake) so you shouldn't have to worry.
    Any open bag left unattended or worn towards the back while walking in crowded places is an open invitation to all opportunists no matter where you are.
    Just be aware that if you are going to amusement parks and want to go on rides, you may have to remove your bag. I've seen too many unattended purses left behind while people go on their rides.
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