carrying LV=attention seeker??

  1. a rather long post, sori :sad:

    My colleague and i were having brunch the other day with clients. Since we arrived first, i placed my MC speedy on an extra chair next to me so it wasn't visible from eye level. My fellow colleague was carrying one of her gucci bags as well. Next to us, there was this posh middle age lady who was eating while hugging her hermes bag.Anyway, when the clients came (2 females), one of them said to us in a low voice "dont you just hate those attention-seeker designer bags woman?? while rolling her eyes at the lady who was hugging her hermes bag.. my colleague and i exchange confused glaces as we were both speecless.. and she continued to "lecture" us on how women who carry designer bags are deprived of attention and hence making up for it by purchasing expensive bags to get other ppl's attention. Her colleague chipped in every now and then to agree..throughout the brunch, i was trying to squash my mc speedy so that she won't take a look at the end of it, my colleague and i have to make up excuses so as we don't have to leave the restaurant together and let them leave first.

    Anyway, what do u guys think?? is it true or was she just being *****y?? i won't deny that i do get extra attention when im carrying my LV bags or other designer bags.. strangers tend to be more polite and attentive. i do enjoy these little perks that comes with the bags but i didn't buy my bags for those reasons.. i know some LV lines are a bit "loud" like MC or graffiti and some ppl might perceived it as attention grabbing.. but there are other LV lines that are more subtle (suhali, epi) and most of non LV fans don't even know they exist...sigh
  2. Ok honestly, a lot of people WILL think that if you're carrying a bag with logos or even anything that's a recognizeable style, that you're seeking attention whether you are or not.
    But honestly, if YOU love carrying your bags because they're excellent quality and you appreciate the history of the fashion house then there should be no problem. Carry what you like and try not to let what other's think affect you so much. :smile:
  3. I think she was just being *****y...

    I know that when I carry my Monogram & Damier Canvas stuff they catch some attention and I get mean stares every now and then... but it's not like I'm doing it on purpose, KWIM? Regardless, I'm still going to carry these things because I like them and I love the designs... My hard earned money went into purchasing these things and I sure as hell am NOT going to stop carrying it just because someone thinks it's too "flashy" or might seem like I'm trying to get attention. PLEASE. :supacool:
  4. Def being *****y
  5. Ummm... depends... When i'm at school, I don't want to show as much, but when I'm going out, it's like....full on bling attack lol. And about what they say, I guess it is true for some people, but they shouldn't make generalizations about EVERYONE, ya know?
    Besides, I think they're just jealous of the women who can afford to buy luxury bags and i have a question for them: IF YOU GUYS ARE SO MODEST AND DON'T SCREAM FOR ATTENTION, THEN WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT OTHERS? Real modest people wouldn't even talk about how 'shallow' others are for merely carrying a designer bag, and the fact that they take notice of Hermes, LV, gucci...etc proves that the attention they so dearly avoid is the exact attention they seek to possess. HA!
  6. I think a lot of peoplehave different reasons for buying flashy or not so flashy designer bags and she was pointing out one of the reasons some might have. However I don't think this is the most common reason to get such a bag, except maybe the first bag you might get when you're a teenager. Like you wrote, you like getting a little attention, but that only makes up a little part of why you'd get it. So in some way I think she was rightshe just exagerated a lot. And I don't think it was necessary to B* the Hermes bags..
  7. i think they are *****y. 1)do they practise what they preach? 2)do they wear designer clothes? if they do, isn't designer clothes and designer bags r the same? shouldn't they buy non-labels clothes? i would like to see will they dare to say in front of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth also carry designer bags except that i dunno from which label r they. btw, what H bag did the lady hug? i hug my H baby too if there's no bag stand provided for me.
  8. well, they didn't really see my LV and my friend's gucci. since i placed my bag on an extra chair next to me and i pushed the chair in.. while my friend placed her bag on the floor next to the chair.. so i don't think they saw our bags.. she was just commenting on the lady with hermes bag (or at least that's i hope she did)
  9. whether a person carry a designer bag to scream for attention or not, it's none of their business. when you don't know the person well, don't make assumptions.:graucho:
  10. the lady has this crocodile skin hermes bag.. it was rather big. The colour is rather brownish/greenish with a mixture of white.. im sori, im not really familiar with Hermes bag. Just know that the bag is the famous Hermes bag :smile:
  11. ya I know, I'm just saying in general (notice the "...etc" in my 1st post)...cuz if they recognize an Hermes bag which is pretty subtle imo, then obviously they'd also recognize many other desginer bags. I think they made a huge generalization to start with so including other brands to be part of the "attention seeker club" seems quite logical to me.
  12. *****y yes. Worse yet terribly judgemental. Sure some people probably carry designer bags for attention. Others because it's a reward for an accomplishment, a perk for having made it through an illness, and countless other reasons.

    I would have finished the meal, smiled and left when they did. Let them feel small for their narrow view. Btw, what would you like to bet one of them has a luxury car or piece of jewelry that they would hate being judged for.
  13. This is off topic, but I was just wondering the other day what bags Queen Elizabeth II carries? The idea of her carrying a Miroir Alma like Paris Hilton made me giggle. I looked it up, and it seems most of her handbags are black, and made by a company called "Launer" which holds the Royal Warrant to produce her handbags. They do some very classy, understated bags.

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  14. LOL @ "full on bling attack". :roflmfao:
  15. i think she was just being *****y!!!