Carrying fakes in Europe

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  1. Will you get into trouble if you carry a fake LV or Hermes in France or other european countries? I heard rumors that if you get caught carrying fake designer items, you will be fined 5000 euros. How true is this?
  2. seems to be in Italy!?
  3. It's true in France as well as Italy. But for this, the police has to really have a reason to check your bag, like if you're crossing a border with a brand new bag that's not in use.

    Generally speaking, if you're using the bag, no one's gonna say anything but if you're transporting it, you have to be able to justify where it came from.
  4. Stores in some countries confiscate it and some do more than just that I think.
  5. Yes, here in Italy,if you get caught buying fakes by the streets you will be condemned to pay a huge amount of money ( this summer an asian tourist had to pay 3500 euros for a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses).Laws are very strict about it,especially from a couple of years. On the other hand i've never heard,here in Italy,of anyone who was stopped by a policeman because was carrying a fake bag. :amazed:
  6. Sorry,when i say CARRYING i mean USING your own old bag,not a fake one you've just purchased. ;) :amuse:
  7. I would be quite impressed if the police were stopping people for carrying fake bags, that pre-supposes some sort of counterfeit bag identification training ! :amuse:
  8. I heard about this too. And a hear-say story that LV shop staffs in Paris called the police over when they saw a tourist carrying a fake LV, and that tourist got a fine.
  9. Didn't someone here mentioned they confiscated some woman in Australia that went into a LV store with a fake and she went on to say she has more in her home and then LV called the police to get her arrested?
  10. here in Italy if u carry a fake bag that's your, not just purchased in the markets or streets vendors, nobody stops u to check it....
  11. I live in France and I see tons of fake everyday, I guess the authorities only do their job at the airport or near the frontier close to Italy.