Carrying chanel shopping bag in Paris metro

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  1. Just got back from Paris and had an experience to share. Never travel by metro after shopping at Chanel! I went to Cambon Street with a friend and each of us bought something which ended up with each carrying a white Cambon St. exclusive paper shopping bag. As our hotel is just two stops away by metro and it was peak hour with a lot of traffic, we did not take a taxi. We soon became the target of pickpockets and my friend was "assaulted" by a hand swirling inside her purse. Fortunately, we had no loss but we were already scared to death.
  2. oh no. I am glad you gals (and your purchases) are okay!
  3. Someone stole one of the camelias on my shopping bag on the metro in Paris. My mom had an interesting experience there some years ago, she wrestled a thief trying to take her wallet. Definitely a place to be careful!
  4. Wow, glad they took nothing.
  5. Beautiful place but also a place to watch out for ! x
  6. chanel is such an obvious target for thefts~
    I wonder if they recognize the reissue :smile:
  7. Good to hear that nothing happened. Your safety is #1!
  8. Glad you guys are safe and nothing was stolen :faint: Thats pretty scary
  9. OMG! That's crazyness! :bagslap:
    Glad you're both ok and made it out with your loots!
  10. Good to hear you are both safe.
  11. when i was at the rue cambon store a few months ago.. the SA wrapped up my chanel goodies like normally with tissue, box, camelia and a bow on top and put it the paper chanel bag.. but then she put them all in a non-marked dark grey plastic bag with a seal on top. it was great because nobody could tell that i had a chanel purchase inside the plain plastic bag.. we went to the eiffel tower afterwards, rode the metro and even had dinner before we made our way back to our hotel room and nobody bothered us. so next time if you're traveling and have made a purchase you guys should try asking the SA to put your package in a plain baggie!!
  12. ita^^^ I was sure to take an old ugly shopping bag with me to put my purchases in after shopping at chanel. a bag that does not draw attention is a must when walking around in pairs. also I don't like to go back to the hotel with a designer carry bag as I don't want the staff at the hotel to know what they might find in my room kwim???

    I'm glad you were both ok and thank you op for posting this so others can see how they need to be careful
  13. We did the same thing when I bought a Prada purse in Paris. We were going on a tour right after so we got a cheap plastic carry bag from a store and put our shopping bags inside.
    Sorry you had a rough experience but at least you didn't lose anything and didn't get hurt. Unfortunately Paris seems to have a bad reputation for that kind of theft.
  14. Oh man, that is sooo scary I would feel so uncomfortable in that situation :sad: I'm glad nothing serious happened though! But I think a plain baggie is a good idea though to ward off the thieves!
  15. OMG! That sounds so dangerous!
    I'm glad you are safe and unhurt, take good care! :smile: