carrying bags- what sort are you?

  1. Well i've decided I'm definately a shoulder bag or messenger style girl. I just cannot get to grips with having a hand-held bag or holding a bag in the crook of my arm.
    What sort are you and why?
    (I like seeing bags held in the crook of the arm but just feel uncomfortable doing it myself! Also if your bag is handheld do you have to find somewhere to put it down everytime you need to get into it? please educate me!)

  2. I'm predominantly a hand held girl (as it were!) I do tuck my speedy over my arm as well but, mainly, carry it. My friends die a thousand deaths because I'm always putting it down and wandering off when I'm shopping!
    I also like a shoulder bag but the only one I just can't do is the messenger bag. It just doesn't feel right.
  3. shoulder bag girl def. :p
    sometimes when i carry my speedy, i unconsciously tried to put the handles on my shoulder LOL which of course made me look like a stupid girl!
    and i'm not a messenger kinda girl too.

    def. 100% a shoulder bag girl :yes:
  4. Whenever I carry a hand held bag, it always ends up on my wrist, so I can use both hands...I end up with lots of marks on my arm and it hurts like hell if the bag is heavy...I like the idea of the hand held, it just doesn't seem to work very well for me..:shrugs:
  5. My preference is for a small shoulder bag so the body of the bag fits neatly under my arm almost like a clutch but with a shoulder strap.
  6. Truly have some of everything. Maybe a few more handheld.
  7. Changes... I used to be a shoulder bag girl until I got my 1st handheld bag a year ago... madly in love w/ handheld... but lately I discovered the messenger style :yes: (and I never liked that before!)
    Right now I prefer bags w/ a detachable longer strap so that I can wear them handheld/crook of arm and over the shoulder /messenger.
  8. I do all. I have so many different bags :biggrin: But mostly I like to carry my bags on the shoulder. That's the most comfy way to me.
  9. I like to be comfortable and to me a shoulder bag is the easiest/most comfortable, so thats is what I use during the week. I carry a messenger bag to school and I only have one hand held one, which I don't use very often...the problem with my hand held one is that is white (MK) so I freak out about putting it down :nuts: I have to know exactly where I'm gonna be going before I switch to it.
  10. I'm a hand-held bag girl most of the time, unless I'm carrying one of my Chanel flaps. I'd love to be a messanger bag girl but it just seems to split my boobs into two right down the middle, if you know what I mean!:p
  11. I only have one handheld, the LV Trouville. After 3 weeks, it drove me crazy that I never had two hands, so now it's just in the closet. I offered it to a friend of mine recently, but it was too small for her too. Such a waste of a pretty bag...
  12. DEFINITELY a handheld girl- Ihave only a couple shoulder bags- I just love carrying my bag by the handles or on my arm. I don't know why. It's certainly not the most convenient way I spose !!
  13. i am both a shoulder and hand bag girl...i love bags and like to carry them every way possible!
  14. Shoulder bag girl here! I am all about practicality and convenience. Plus when I'm out shopping I need two hands- I just can't shop one-handed!
  15. If it's handheld it won't really be used much around here. I sold a couple I had because they were just laying around my closet.