Carrying Authenitcs with Fakes together???

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  1. I just can't get over this one!

    My friend's wife carries a real wallet with a fake bucket:wtf:. What's up with that??? Isn't this just ridiculous!!!!!!

    Anyone else know people who does that?
  2. ugh! that bothers me so much. i know that paris hilton has a bunch of fake AND real bags...

    theres one girl at my school who has a real cles but a bunch of fake bags.... i dont know why anybody would have both...
  3. Does she know her bucket is a fake? Maybe the bucket was a gift & then she went & got herself a matching wallet?

    If so....i feel bad.... but if she's knowingly carrying a fake.... ugh! :tdown:
  4. well as I read the two "cases" I see the auth goods are accesoirires so maybe they love the brand but they can´t afford the big thing, so they get a real not so pricey thing and a fake bag that is cheap. A friend of my mom does it, she has a real coach cosmetic case and a fake bag. It looks auth for some people but I knew it was fake when you stare at both things. The funniest thung is that the case was a gift and she bought the fake...
  5. not LV but ive seen it with coach
  6. this is completely stupid!
  7. What the?? If you're going to buy a fake and an authentic piece, wallets are just as much as bags!
  8. ugh, one time when i was working for my dad's mortgage company, this woman who works in a florida branch was up visiting our hub, and she was carrying a fake papillon. i was like ??? but i have seen her carry authentics! i was SO confused, i just don't get it!
  9. Strange since their wallets cost almost as much as a purse does. If I was going to carry a fake (WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO!!!!) It makes more sense to have a real purse and a fake wallet. Not many people see your wallet and if you are carrying a real purse I think more people would just assume the wallet is real also.
  10. Maybe the real wallet was a gift? I don't understand why she would be prepared to spend so much on a wallet and then want a fake bag.:shrugs:
    I say she should just carry the wallet and leave the bag at home.
  11. A good friend of mine used to carry fake LV wallets and authentic bags. After seeing my authentic Lv wallets and hearing my rant against fakes, she started buying auth. Lv wallets.:woohoo:
  12. I dont understand that at all (confused)
  13. i definitely agree with hiram here. although i think anything fake is absolutely heinous, i do think that most people that WANT to use LV, gucci etc can only afford accessories, so they buy the authentic accessory and try to get away with the fake bag. but my ideology is to only get what authentics you can afford. i was carrying coach items for a longggggggggg time before i could upgrade to an LV or authentic one at that!!! i just don't condone fakes whatsoever, but i could see why people would mix fakes with authentics...

    but in paris hilton's case, i don't understand!!! she's RICH! why the hell would she use fakes anyway? ugh dumb
  14. that's what i was thinking. not that it's condoned, but that's a possibility...
  15. I have heard of people who mix and match because of their 'status', people won't doubt that it's fake. Or they can tell which are better fakes I guess too, because they know what it's sup to look like. I personally wouldn't, because I guess I just wouldn't get the same feeling knowing it's fake, but I guess it's a way for some people to get more with less.