Carrying a Satchel or handheld bag...

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  1. Ok. So here's the deal. I was venting in another thread how my neck/shoulders have been bothering me and many posters claim it's due to shoulder bags. So I took out my YSL Rive Gauche and decided to wear it on the crook of my arm instead of shoulder. I must add, I took off the hobo that I Had been wearing all season long and have been rotating other hobos with shorter straps and wearing them on the crook of my arm as well.

    Well, it has been a week, and to my surprise, no pain!! Not one visit or phone call to the chiropractor. Just like that. Magic. Now, my question to all of you savvy handheld wearers is, when you wear your bag on your arm, do you find it kind of ever so slightly bounces off your upper thigh when walking? I actually feel kinda pretty/ladylike wearing the bag that way but was wondering if there was a proper way of walking with the bag while wearing it on the crook of the arm without it brushing against your body. (I know. Some of you are going to laugh!) Go ahead. It's alright but I really wanna know. TIA!
  2. Glad you're feeling better!
  3. I am glad you feel better... I also find that if I wear my shoulder bags for to long a time I also get pain.. So I switch them off..

    As to the Bouncing.. Yes it happens all the time but is is part of the charm of wearing bags like this the movement get more attention of other and yourself... It is sort of a Ha look at me statement..LOL
  4. I've been rotating my handhelds lately, and think there's something in what you say! But I think the bumping depends on the shape, size, weight and style of the bag. My long-gone Chloe Paddington was always in my way, and not just bumping against my legs. My Bal Twiggy is a totally different proposition. It's so light and soft it's rarely a problem. But I find my Treesje Asher somewhat long, awkward and heavy. Most of my handhelds have an optional shoulder strap, but I usually carry them by hand. The more you get to know your handheld the more you're able to deal with its body language. Hope you have a long break from the docs!
  5. I know many like to carry it in the crook of their arm with the forearm up, but I prefer to slip my arm through the handle from the other way so my forearm is aimed inwards toward my body. I think it's an old-fashioned way of carrying. The Queen might carry it like that LOL but it works for me, it's closer to my body and I like the way it feels (and yes, it bounces a little). Whatever you do, don't carry ON the forearm or wrist I learned the hard way it causes spraining :smile:
  6. This is so true! I only have handheld bags (and clutches) and every bag react differently to the way I walk. My Jimmy Choo Maddy bounces a lot while my LV Speedy bounces less. Maybe because the bag and the handles are shorter?

  7. So glad you are feeling better BgaHolic :hugs:

    I can't really help with all this crook of the arm stuff because my larger bags would be too big and heavy to carry that way so I just carry them in my hand, especially those with rounded handles. I know it's fashionable to do the crook of the arm thing too but even with a smaller bag at the weekend I'd rather carry it 'properly' or carry one of my nice back-packs which are much better for my back altogether.
  8. Thank you so much for your kind wordsBagwannabe, Coach Addict, heather 123, rainrowan, dangeroucurves and papertiger! You all made me feel so much better. I thought perhaps there is an art to carrying the bag on your arm when you walk. So funny! If there is one thing I learned from the whole experience, it is wise for me to switch up my bags more, something I don't do and am going to start. Thanks again everyone!!!!! :cloud9:
  9. I only notice this when I'm pushing the cart in the grocery store, but my handheld bags on the crook of my arm swing back and forth. I try to tone it down because it makes me feel like people think I'm doing it on purpose to draw attention to my Speedy. If you tuck your arm closer to your body it seems to keep it more still.
  10. Instead of 'dangling' my bag from the crook of my arm, I have a habit of clutching it by the carry handles and holding on like grim death. A very basic and safe way of carrying a handbag. This worked the day a youth in a busy city-centre tried to grab my Bal City. I was holding on so tightly he nearly fell over backwards when he tried to snatch the bag as I kept on walking. And no shoulder probs either!
  11. :lol::lolots::tup:
  12. If your handheld bag is stuffed too much though, it will hurt your arms and I notice that it may not hurt your neck and shoulders but the strain is more on the lower back because there is still an uneven balance of weight on your body. I've recently switched to carrying some of my bags by the crook of my arm too but whenever I do I sometimes feel like I'm displaying my bag for everyone to see LOL. I also noticed that if your bag is structured, carrying it by the crook of the arm maintains the shape of the bag more than shoulder carry which tends to get squished under the arms.
  13. Carrying it in the crook of my arm sometimes gives me pain but what I've found is that rotation is key lol. I switch it up and part of that is because I'm a mom and I'm always carrying something that has nothing to do with me and oftentimes, I have more of their ish that my own.
  14. I want to use a backpack for heavier things like laptops but I've found that petiteness goes for backpacks as well as clothes! Most backpacks are just too long for my short torso and it doesn't feel any better than if I were carrying a bag in hand.

    Is it just bad to always carry one type of bag? I'm usually a wear-it-to-death person, but I have been getting a bit of tension in my shoulders from carrying a heavy camera in my bag at times. Is one kind of bag better than another or is the key just constant rotation?
  15. I also carry mine in my hand if I don't need my hands free, and I've now got some small calluses (both hands, because I keep switching the bag back and forth) - only at the base of my ring fingers though, so maybe the skin gets pinched between my rings and the handles?

    I've only noticed this since I got my LV Speedy, I've been carrying handheld bags for about a year but my others have thin, flat handles rather than the thick, rolled ones LV uses.