Carrying a "pre-owned"


Mar 20, 2006
Hi Everyone,

I had a recent discussion about buying used bags and thought it might make an interesting thread.

I was telling an acquaintance about PF and how you guys had helped me identify an authentic speedy on ebay and about how helpful everyone always was in identifying fakes.:yes:

She was like "who on earth would want to buy someone else's dirty old LV on ebay anyway?? I'd never buy a USED bag -- if I can't get brand new LV, I won't get it at all."

Anyway, as someone who likes vintage bags, and is still in grad school, so not really looking to spend 1K+ on new ones, I was a bit offended.:s

What do you all think? Are you willing to carry a pre-owned bag? Would you get an LV from a MPRS ebayer, a consignment shop, or other reputable source if you felt like you had researched it and found the bag to be authentic?


Mar 2, 2006
Sure, why not? As long as it's not all battered up...and besides, there are some bags that are discontinued and not available in stores anymore so you HAVE to buy them from a reseller. So I guess in that case, your acquaintance won't be buying discontinued pieces since she can't get them brand new ;)
Jul 23, 2006
Yes, I see nothing wrong with buying pre-loved bags. I especially love the marketplace because at least you know that you're purchasing from someone who probably took good care of the bag. I like buying new but some bags are almost 50% off on ebay. Then I can't justify buying new. JMHO


clutch ho!
Dec 16, 2005
I would have been a bit miffed too and yes, I buy from MPRS on ebay and see nothing wrong with that, used doesn't automatically mean dirty. I live in a Vuittonless country so going to the store is not an option unless I'm traveling and if I want something I want it now :nuts: . I usually don't save any money on it though as the custom fees here are really high :hrmm: .

LV Luvr

Nov 27, 2006
Hi MandM... I think if you are trying to stay within a budget and not get yourself into debt(which is SMART), buy a preowned. :yes: I think its great! I'm considering buying a preowned Epi. Just do research on the seller and I think it will be fabulous! Good luck!!
Oct 13, 2006
why not? like lvbabydoll said, sometimes you just HAVE to get pre loved LV simply b/c the store dont' have it anymore. I would ask your acquaintance : when budget is a concern, would u rahter not buy a brand new car, ride they bus, or to get a used car instead? Personally i see nothing wrong w/pre loved item as long as the owner take good care of it, heck even Hollywood stars wear vintage Chanel proudly they found to big awards!


Mar 9, 2006
If I can get the style in the stores, I go for new. However, it should be noted that I live in a country with huge import taxes, so most of the times, the price of an eBAY item adds up to be at least as much or more than the price in the stores. I have bought a discontinued bag off of ebay though, and I was really pleased with it so I have no doubts I'll do it again if I find something that I like.
I don't see any issues buying a used bag, and I'll rather call it pre-loved than pre-owned :smile: I'm actually thinking of buying my mom something with patina from ebay as I'm getting her more and more into LV and she says she finds the craftmanship beautiful, but gets second thoughts everytime she sees how nervous I am with my items, so therefore I want to buy her something more "worn in".


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Jan 31, 2006
I have one preowned bag that I got for about 50% off. I love it but I have to say I love my 2 speedies, which I bought brand new, more. There's something about watching the patina develop that I love. A preowned bag is great b/c it is worry free.


Halt and Salute
Aug 6, 2006
I guess everyone has their own preference. If I find a bag that is auth and in perfect condition, I'll buy it pre owned -then I have money left over for accessories to go with it. One item I for sure will be buying preowned is a Keepall - I love them but I am hard on my luggage and want one that is already broken in, I can't justify full price on an item that for sure will look used after the first few times I use it.
Jan 9, 2006
True, everyone has their preference. I only have one new bag out of my collection (of 13? 14? LVs) and I would not have the fabulous collection I do if I didn't buy used. Used doesn't have to mean icky and dirty, all of my bags are in great condition!!


Dec 17, 2006
Personally, no, I would not own a preowned bag. I just find, unless it was a rare piece like the mirror, you can basically buy it anytime you want. So, why rush? Also, from what I've seen on ebay, you usually don't get a good deal on bags that are new or look new. You usally get the best deal for bags that are older looking. When I was in college, I saw a ton of girls with speedies that they either bought off ebay or were given from someone. While they looked real they looked bad. I swear, the handles looked black. It's not worth it in my opnion, but do what you feel is right. Also don't exspect everyone, including friends, to agree with you. Everyone has a different opinion.