Carrying a pochette when over thirty

  1. Do you guys think of the monogram pochette accessories as a high school or college girl bag? Somtimes I feel that way a bit about Coach wristlets, but I believe the pochette is a bit larger.

    I'm hoping to get my first LV soon (even though I'm over thirty, I'm a novice when it comes to designer bags!) and am not sure if the pochette will be large/substantual enough, so I may just save a bit and go for a papillion or speedy down the road...

    But of course, I want it NOW...and the price on the pochette can't be beat:P
  2. Everyone has their own style and I respect that...I would say that they are a little "young" and might look out of place on older women...but seeing you in your are beautiful and look like you are in your twenties! you could pull it off with flying colors. Go for it.
  3. I agree with vsminimoose. You look really young in the pic & I think anyone can wear monogram pochette...even for a 50 yrs old woman.
  4. I'd definitely go for it. :smile:
  5. if you want something a little more unique, go with the Recital :yes:. my mom has that, and she'll be 49 in two weeks :P. it can probably hold a little more than the Pochette Accessoires, and the cute flap top makes it less common

  6. i reckon if you love the pochette - then totally get one!!! its a classic staple bag to have in any bag collection! you're never too old for LV :wlae:
  7. No way ! And I always see tons of business ladies carrying the cute little Burberry pochette all the time at work ! :yes: There's no age limit on bags. :graucho:
  8. if you really like it, then get it! but if you don't mind waiting and saving up some more, i'd say go for a speedy. that's another classic you can't go wrong with. =)
  9. tell you the TRUTH, then yes, I do think that it's more suited for teens or 20-ish women..... but then again, you buy what YOU want! I'm a NOBODY! DO NOT LISTEN TO ME!!! lol
  10. If you want a Pochette Accessories then go for it! I've never heard of an age appropriate bag... Everything depends on your style. The only imperative question is can you pull off carrying that bag with your sense of style? I think you definitely can. But if you have any doubts then you won't feel comfortable... Then and only then will the bag not look right. JMO.
  11. Thanks for all of these great opinions guys! You're all so awesome to say that it will look great -- but don't worry about hurting my feelings if you do think it's a "younger" bag. Afterall, I don't have it yet, so now's the time for voicing opinions:smile:

  12. I have always hated having to follow prescribed roles: women over thirty should cut their hair, women over thirty should wear less color, blah blah blah.:rant: All of those rules seem so antiquated to me now. If it looks good and makes you feel good, then by all means, wear it!
    What was it that I read the other day? Oh yeah, 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30! :lol:
  13. Not many teens or 20-ish women can afford LV; you're one of the lucky ones. :yes:
  14. you just buy what you want and wear how you want it, as long as you love it. i never thought abought age when it comes to buying anything, just as long as i love it.
  15. Definitely not. Go for it! :yes: I personally don't know too many high school/college girls with authentic vuitton pochettes.