Carrying a pochette on its own... dinky?

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  1. Hi girls!

    I'm just wondering how you feel about the original monogram pochette being carried as its own little purse. Do you feel like it's a dinky little bag that's meant only to be an accessory? Do you actually ever carry yours by itself? Do you think it's a great little purse?

    Anyway, I love the idea of a tiny bag like the pochette but I think I might go for the less ubiquitous Recital.

    What do you ladies think?
  2. I always carry it by itself, but I guess that would probably be a personal preference thing since a lot of ladies like larger bags that can hold more. Plus the pochette's strap is a little short, I always carry mine with the pochette extender keyring.
  3. I don't think it looks dinky, only b/c maybe I'm used to seeing many girls wear it that way. It actually fits a wallet, keychain holder, lipliner, lipstick and a pressed powder compact. Although I usually keep mine inside a bigger bag, I do find myself taking it out when I need to run a quick errand.

    I think the Recital is gorgeous and very chic! I love how the top opens and the lining of it. If I were to get either one for a small bag to wear on its own, I'd jump on the Recital!
  4. This will be my next purchase, hopefully soon! I plan to carry it by itself , because a lot of times when I am just going to the store or a late night movie or something I don't want to take put a purse and just stuff everything in the pockets of my huge winter coats. But I can't do that in the summer. I think it looks really cute carried by itself, but I would probably hold it more like a clutch
  5. I've always used the pochette as a little purse on its own. So many people are doing the whole wristlet/clutch thing, so I don't think it looks out of place.
  6. I think it can be used on it's own. It does hold a lot.
  7. It surprises me that with the massive collections a lot of you girls have you'd still use the Pochette at all. Speaks well of the bag!
  8. I have the Cherry Blossom pochette and I think its meant to be worn on its own b/c of the bow on it. Seems like a lot of detail for something kept hidden inside a bag.
  9. I love clutches. I was always thinking about getting one just to have and to put inside a bigger bag. I would also use it more as a clutch but I think it's really cute. It's grown on me the more I see it.
  10. I am lusting after the new Charms Pouchette. My SA will be getting a call from me today. Its a really cute line. I like the Plate too.
    Will it ever end!!!!!!

  11. I think the pochette is one of my best LV purchase. I travel a lot for work and it's the only purse I bring because I can pack it inside my laptop bag. I also use it when going out at night to a club b/c I don't have to worry about it getting dirty and it's easy to hold on to on the dance floor. I guess I consider it my thrasher designer bag.
  12. I see people carry that pochette by itself all the time. It's great for a night on the town, you don't have much stuff to put in, beside a cell fone, lipstick, some cash, etc..
  13. Charms pochette? Wha?:blink:
  14. im curious to what the Charms line looks like also :blink:
  15. I love the pochette. I have the cherry blossom one and the regular and always use them in the summer.