Carrying a classic but clueless about it...

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  1. Ha! that was funny! yeah since joing TPF, I find myself very much more aware of my surroundings (people carrying, and abusing real coach bags) just when I want to compliment them on their bag, I KNOW I am just wasting my time!! There are so many clueless ladies out's sad..(or am I just too zealous?):P
  2. I was at a bar last night and saw a girl carrying around a Melon Inlaid Peyton. She sat it down on a table and walked away to get a drink without anyone watching it! I gasped out loud and my bf had to say "It's ok, she's coming back for it!" :P
  3. You know, I have decided to stop stressing out so much about the bags. Before I found tPF I would put my Ergo Tote with legacy lining on the floor. I didn't really know how many other people treasured some of the bags; it was just my bag. After tPF I got all stressed and started leaving my nicer bags at home whenever I went somewhere I thought I might have to put the bag down. Well, that makes for a lovely collection that stays in the armoire. Now I don't worry about it as much. I took my graphite patent Sabrina to a basketball game tonight and I set her on the bleacher in front of me (no actual seats). I didn't buy her to preserve her value, I bought her to use her.

    But I do know all of my bags names and I know most of the bags from the past couple of years, LOL.
  4. I don't mention the bag's name if I compliment a stranger on her bag.

    Bear in mind that an SA at my outlet insisted that "Leigh" was not the name of the Legacy bag I was buying. She INSISTED that "Leigh" was an abbreviation for "Legacy leather". WTF. So, I have no expectations that the general public will know the name of her bag, esp since some SAs don't even know.
  5. Some people really don't know and appreciate these bags like us Coachies do! I'm happy there is a place like tPF where I can talk about these beautiful creations without getting the look :confused1: !! lol
  6. It was pouring rain the other night when I went to the movies and I saw a teenage girl carrying her light pink op-art sabrina. I cringed when I saw how wet it was!
  7. Some people just don't care that much about the bag they're carrying outside from the fact that it:
    1. carries their stuff
    2. is pretty
    3. MAYBE that it's ____ brand

    It isn't something that really bugs me.
  8. It doesn't really bother me either...I take care of my bags, so that to me is all that matters...Only because I don't pay for their bags, so therefore, it's not my business....:smile:
  9. /\ /\ Good point!

  10. :goodpost: I too feel the same. As long as I am not abusing my own bags I don't pay much attention to what others do to theirs.
  11. Me too!!! That was soooo good!!! LOL:lolots:
  12. I know it is not "my business" either and I understand about wetting them and throwing them around and treating them like a purse. That is not really my point on this thread. I was just saddened that some people don't know anything about the bags they carry, not even the name or collection. It is ok not to care; after all they are just inanimate objects that you buy. Just not to me. For me they are a luxury, a privilege to carry them. I still remember my Realtor a few years back talking about owning one like that was one of the items in her "bucket list". I have many hanging in my closet and because I know that there are many that wish for them, I wish everyone treasured them as much as I do. You are all entitled to your opinions about the matter. That is why I started this post, because I care about what you all think. Keep it going!;)
  13. OT: CoachObsession I love your signature and how it keeps growing. :smile:
  14. Thanks! It is about to grow a little more right now... Stay tuned! :graucho: