Carrying a classic but clueless about it...

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  1. I was getting my nails done and was sitting next to this woman that had a pleated black leather Ergo hobo with tattersall lining. The woman who brought her up to the drying UV light table put her handbag on the floor, so I said, "Oh, let me help you get your bag on the shelf (by our feet) so it's not on the floor. Wow, what a beautiful pleated Ergo!" She looked at me like I had two heads... "A what?", she said... ARRGGGHH!!! (thinking) Your beautiful classic bag that most of the Coachies on TPF would kill for... :confused1: I proceeded to give her the details of her beautiful bag and explain how it is a classic and she should be proud to carry it. She was very surprised to hear that even though she bought it at the outlet, it was a coveted delete. I explained the creed, lining, etc. She thanked me for the info and promised to check out TPF... because she owns about 20 Coach purses...

    How do you feel when you see what could be an HG for someone here on someone that treats it like just any bag or doesn't even know what it is and how much value it has in "our world"??? Has anyone had this experience? Am I way too zealous about Coach??
  2. Not at all!
    I've said to other ladies "ooh- I love your (insert name of bag here)" and they look at me like I'm nuts! They're just not true Coachies.....
  3. You are absolutely right! Well, I guess I can't blame her then because not everyone can be a Coachie as dedicated as us... ;)
  4. I am guilty of this behavior...and it's time I own it!

    Before the tPF, I bought all my bags at FP...and I would set them on the floor, I would toss them into the passenger seat of my SUV, I would crush them into plastic bins and never look at them again once I was done...And I was pretty proud of my love for Coach. My bags never looked worn, or beat...I was never one to use a bag for an extended period of time, so my naughty behavior never reflected on my purses...if you saw them, you'd never believe I didn't baby them, but I didn't.

    Things change with education, I'm living proof. I may not have what others consider HG bags, but they are still really awesome and I need to care about them. I've spent a small fortune growing my collection, and it's matters.

    I would absolutely say that tPF helps you appreciate what you have...and that changes how you treat it.
  5. Haha. I had never liked the pleated hobo! I love the older Ergos though...
  6. Well, I have to admit that I don't like it for me... but I know that a lot of ladies think it is a beautiful bag and would want it to come back in full force... ;)
  7. Getting irritated with the lack of true appreciation I saw in a lot of Coach carriers was one of my main motivations for joining tPF. I usually just admire the bags (hopefully not too creepily) without commenting. Although, sometimes I can't help myself from saying something.

    For example, during the holiday shopping season (late Nov, early Dec), I was waiting in line to make a purchase and the woman behind me was about to buy the Cambridge Textured Metallic Satchel. It was on 50% clearance with the additional 20% off. She just liked the color and wanted something unusual. I had to tell her that the Cambridge bag was nearly $800, and the $250 or so she would be paying for it was a down right steal. Needless to say, my inner Coach addict was pretty miffed that this woman was picking up that bag at that price without a CLUE. :dots:


    In addition to loving the current styles, I'm a HUGE fan of vintage bags and saw a customer carrying what was clearly a vintage Cashin duffle. After I complimented her on it, she told me how she found it in the trash. The TRASH, people! I couldn't help but exclaim, "Shut up!" in disbelief.

    It hurts me to see gorgeous bags not getting the appreciation they deserve.
  8. I think that a lot of people really don't know that much. To be honest, the way I found TPF was trying to research a Coach bag I had bought for my mom. I was so excited about it and wanted to get info....and found out it was a fake. The bag and the matching wallet. Needless to say, from that day I was hooked and thanks to TPF I am so much more educated AND have others that understand the obsession. :biggrin:
  9. YOu know, I've never gone "dumpster diving" but if I knew where that trash can is she got that from I'd totally start it right now!
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    There was a lady at the outlet today who was studying the clearance section, picking up bags and evaluating them. I saw her looking at the plum inlaid Brookes and offered up my opinion. She asked "Were these bags ever in the full-price store?" or something to that effect and I enthusiastically said yes, they were at FP quite recently. She also picked up a few other bags and asked the same question about them to an SA. My impression was that she's more informed about the bags than the average outlet shopper, which was refreshing to see. This, no matter what one's opinion may be of buying MFF vs. FP delete. I didn't think to tell her the trick of reading the creed to tell if a bag was ever FP or not.
  11. lol Cheers to that! :drinks:
  12. you know what, i got my mom 2 coach purses, and even tho she loves them and is thrilled i got them for her- i could not believe my eyes when i saw her put them right on the dirty pavement outside, bkz she either wanted to play with the dog and the purse wasn't convenient on the shoulder at that time, or just bkz she was taking a break somewhere at the zoo etc. ect... :wtf: i thought she valued coach i got for her :confused1: and the tip of the ice berg was when she asked me to get her a carly quickly, bkz she's going on a trip by plane and needs a bag to "throw around", her $30 ross bags are too precious :wtf: then she tried to give a bag i paid cold hard cash to her friend, bkz "friend likes it" ... wow!!! I learned that my mom has no clue what the coach brand means to me, and I enjoy giving her coach stuff, but if she handles them that way I can't take it......... i was quite upset for a while! now that time has passed, i'm over it a little, but every time i see her putting one of her coaches somewhere not decent (like the floor when there's an empty chair right next) i get sad... but i do realize that this is HER bag and I have no say in what she does with it. i basically see abused coach bags all the time on different people and it makes me wonder why they don't value what they paid so much money for :confused1:
  13. HI,
    I was at Walmart one day and the lady in front of me had a tan Op Art Julianne! I commented "I like your Op Art Julianne" She said thanks and that her husband and MIL bought her the bag for Christmas last year because she wanted a Coach bag!! (I could tell she wasn't a die hard Coachie as she gave me an odd look that I had commented on her bag and gave addressed Julianne by name! )LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. I get this almost EVERY TIME I use the appropriate Coach name when complimenting a bag!!!

    "I love your Sabrina, that's my favorite opart print!" <-----teenage girl proceeds to turn and look at me over her shoulder like I asked her for a balloon of heroin!!!!!! LMAO
  15. I just spit at my computer screen. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today!!