Carrying a Birkin & Sunscreen

  1. Ok, I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for, but I'm sorry if I just completely missed it.
    Here's my thing, I'm planning on going on the quest for my very first Birkin as soon as the new year arrives (I figured then cause I'll have something to look forward to after the christmas season is over). Yei!!!!! I can't wait I'm sooo excited but, I wear sunblock diligently on my face, neck, chest, and arms, and I'm worried about damaging my Birkin's handles with the residue from the sunblock on my arms. Example, I have a LV Mini Monogram Josephine handbag and I have to be so careful because if I carry it on my arm I end up getting sunscreen on the handles! Sooo, when I get my Birkin and I carry it this way I am afraid of ruining my handles. I know some ladies like to wrap a twilly on each handle, but are they easily washable? Am I then going to ruin twilly after twilly with sunscreen? lol What to do, what to do....:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    TIA!! Lola :yes:
  2. I always say sunscreen is more important than handle worry since your health is vastly more important than anything else. I make a point to not get sunscreen on the palms of my hands and just hand carry the bag if I am wearing short sleeves and have my arms lathered. Otherwise I try to wear longer sleeves when out for sun-protection anyway. The new fabrics of t-shirts are fabulously thin, like C&C California brand ones.

    Congratulations on your new purchase! It is fabulous to have a bag that you love on your arm.
  3. Yes, this is a problem. I do the long sleeves thing too if I am going to be carrying a Birkin and like gazoo am meticulous about not having sunscreen on my palms. I am not a big fan of the twillied handles look, otherwise, that would be the way to go.
  4. Lola, I'd say go for the twilly handles look, that way they'll be covered. :smile:
  5. i have a white birkin and i have put twillies over the handle because i have sweaty palms.
  6. i say do the twillies and just wash them in cold water with a mild soap now and then. they should be fine.
  7. I am a huge sunscreen fanatic; I read all the latest studies on Mexoryl and stuff and I just leave off. One day every now and then w/o sunscreen aint gonna kill ya.

    I am not a big fan of the twilly covered handle look either but that's what I would do is I were to use the birkin every day.

    Guys, ever noticed that spells it "Twillys", not "twillies"?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions....I suppose Twillys it is!! I plan for this to be my everyday bag for quite some time. Thanks!!!!

  9. I'd much rather ruin a twilly than ruin the handles. Or go for a darker color leather.
  10. gloves!