Carrying a bag to protect your purse?

  1. Happy Sunday Everyone! Some of the other threads and yesterday's UVa game led me to this question. I went to our homecoming game yesterday and wanted to look cute. Of course, to do so I had to carry one of my cute bags-Andrea Brueckner. At any rate- I knew the football stadium would be grubby, so I packed some plastic bags in my purse. When I got there (despite many strange looks, I'm sure) I pulled out the plastic bags (took two, b/c Andrea is long) and encased my purse, so I could put it down under my feet. So my question is- what do you all do to protect your purses when out and about? From the elements, from city grime, from whatever? I know one option is to not take a nice bag, but at the same time why have them if we never use them? I think I've heard some people say they carry the dust bag in their purse for such events. And I think others have said they carry a longchamp bag folded in their purse. So what do you do?
  2. ive thought about bringing a plastic bag in my purse in case of rain...but i've never actually done it.
  3. Never did it, way too lazy to baby my stuff, but my friend carries a Longchamp whenever she carries an LV w/ vachetta.
  4. when i travel, i stick my purse in the carryon for security screenings, also, i keep a folded nylon tote in my drawer at work incase i get stuck in the muck or if dh is l8 and i gotta catch the bus.
  5. I did it once because it was risk for rain outside and it started to rain later that day so I was lucky. I still try to remember to have a plastic bag in my purse but sometimes I forget it.
  6. i try and keep a plastic bag in my purse in case of rain. at the airport, I usually have a folded longchamp nylon tote in my purse for security checkpoints and to place under the seat in the plane.
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses. Anyone else?
  8. I had the videa of keeping a plastic grocery bag for my expensive bags. In case I'm in the ladies room or somewhere and there's no hook. It has come in handy, too.
  9. I went to UVa once upon a time. I used to live down the street from the stadium. Every time there is a game, and the canons go off, our cats hid under the bed for hours :p I take less expensive bags for these situations, or bags that I can wipe clean later, like Prada nylon or Burberry PVC. My logic is that if I'm going to worry about it, it's not worth bringing.
  10. I keep a plastic grocery bag stuffed into a little ziploc bag in my purse, then I always have it in case I need it. It is very handy.
  11. Never Ever!!! I don't carry a purse if I'm going to be in a yucky stadium, and I always put my bag next to me on the seat at a movie theater. That's about as far as I go! I don't worry about the rain. I like a bag to look lived in. Plus if it gets wrecked I have a good excuse to get a new one.
  12. I don't worry about it. If the bag is too fragile to use on an everyday basis I don't own it - with the exception of evening bags. I would never carry a bag for my bag - too high maintenance for me. As for stadiums and that sort of thing. I stuff my lipstick and whatnot in DH's pocket and don't carry anything.
  13. I try to use an older bag when I'm in situations i know they will get dirty.
  14. That is such a great idea! I should start doing that for school because many of the ladies rooms don't have hooks in the stalls, or I'll be in NYC, and I'll go into the one stall without a hook.
  15. I have carried a plastic shopping bag in my LV in case of rain, or setting my LV down in an airport, concert venue, etc.

    I've even strapped my purse into the backseat of my car so that it wouldn't fall on the floor in case of a sudden stop!!!