Carrying 2 H bags esp for travel weird?

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  1. Hi, just wanna know if anyone does this?
    I sometimes use a victoria as a diaper bag or for other things when my other bag is not big enough and carry a birkin/kelly when i go out but most of the time i use this combi for when i travel.

    The other day i bump into a long time friend at an airport and after she scrutinize my bags, commented that "carry until 2 H bags, so show off." i was a bit shocked as she did not say it in a joking manner but in a serious tone. after i got over my shock, i laughed to lighten the atmosphere quickly said i need to catch my flight so i left.

    Is this too much, as i always thought that this is normal as i always do this with other brands last time but after i converted to h, only h bags? i am really shocked as she was my uni-mate many years back and when i carry 2 prada or LV or any other brands, she will just look but never comment.

    Anyone does the same thing or do you think carrying 2 h is too excessive?
  2. Do you mean that you carry 2 bags at the same time?

    I don't know if it's excessive... I should think people would carry whatever they're comfortable with. Used to carry my barn bag (with riding attire etc) in addition to my regular bag. No bag would fit in the other. It's not like you're carrying two empty bags, you're carrying 2 because you need them... all moms with babies I know carry a diaper bag/baby stuff bag and their own bag. And I feel for travel it's not like, an extraordinary thing to see a passenger carrying 2's quite common...!

    Don't pay attention to her...just do what you like
  3. I don't understand why anyone would have an issue with someone carrying two bags of a certain brand at once, let alone comment negatively on it. IMO the OP is simply rude, maybe jealous.
  4. no, it's not too much at all. i have taken 3 H's with me at times. one for everyday, one for going out at night and the third will depend on what type of travel. for beach vacations, that requires a 3rd H, say a picotin or for mediterranean trips, a jypsiere and so on and so forth.

    sorry to say but shame on your friend for saying that to you ;)
  5. Not at all! If you tell me you carry 2 Bs or 2 Ks at once then I might think it's a bit much but 1 B + 1 Victoria is reasonable as Victoria is intended to be a travel bag.
  6. no not weird at all. i will carry as many h bags i need at a time for whatever reason!! i don't care what other people say!
  7. Absolutely not weird at all. Do as you please, it's your bags.
    Sorry to sound harsh, but I think your friend is just jealous.
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    Your so called "friend" is the weird one to make such a comment. You paid for your bags and please feel free to use them as you wish.
  9. yes friends don't say such negative, hurtful things like that! especially passive agressive type comments. sometimes you learn the hard way what people you think are friends, really think :tdown:

    there is nothing wrong with carrying two like that! both serve a function. i may think it is odd if i saw someone carrying 2 birkins in each arm, but your purposes make complete sense, and the victoria isn't 'showy'-- must people wouldn't even notice it in an airport.
  10. I hope I m the odd one out but it is after joining TPF, I realised many of TPFers carry more than 1 bag while travelling. I have never done that before until joining TPF cos to TPFers, this are normal but to my other friends unfortunately is not. Hence I 'hide' the other bag in hand carry everytime in airport. Then my DH would gives me a strange cos to him, to put an extra bag in luggage is another space wasted.
  11. You were at the airport. Not a big deal (not as if you were going to a coffeeshop with 2 Birkins or something). This just comes down to plain old jealousy. And we all know when people are jealous (even if they are our friends) they may say something dumb like that to make you uncomfortable.

    I will say in NYC it's not uncommon to see certain models or actresses who are mothers toting 2 H bags at one time - 1 as more of a handbag, another as a "diaper" or stroller bag. I've seen that many times actually. Usually they will have them in different styles but same color/leather.

    Personally, I don't ever see myself using an H bag for toting diapers. But to each their own.
  12. I think weird that she said that. Clearly not a good friend!
  13. Oh my! Well, I can see her comment as she ran into you at the airport BUT who cares!??! Dont let her comment doubt what and when you want to carry your bags. Carry your beautiful bags! Rock it, girl! :smile:
  14. Victoria was designed to be a travel bag. That's what you were doing. What a rude woman.
  15. You seem to be using each for a different purpose so I don't find it weird at all. One is being used more like a carry-on and the other as a handbag. I think your friend may have been feeling a bit insecure.