Carryalls: Medium vs. Large?

  1. I'm planning on splurging on a leather carryall soon, and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on which size I should get?

    - I'm mostly interested in using this as a day-to-day bag. Will the medium or the large be too heavy?

    - Will the medium fit over the shoulder? I'm more on the chunky side...

    - On the other hand, would the large be too ridiculously large to use as an everyday bag? I don't carry much. Wallet, a small toiletries/make up bag, a water bottle.

    - Is it safe to assume that the medium won't really fit a whole sheet of paper/notebook? The measurements are almost exactly paper size.
  2. i have the medium and i love it. it took awhile for the leather handles to soften up so i could get it over my shoulder (i'm 5'6" and wear an 18/20). it's the perfect size for day to day stuff.

    but, on the other hand, the large really isn't ALL that big. especially if you're on the larger side, it's very proportionate. and the large would definately fit a notebook in it (medium won't- at least, mine won't).

    have you looked at the leather carly's, btw? i have a large one in sig that i use for school and it fits a ton, but if it's not stuff, it still looks good.
  3. I've got the Hamptons Business Tote, and while not cheap ($458), it does carry notebook, folders, etc., and fits great on the shoulder. A good investment.
  4. I have the medium carryall, it's my avatar. I love it, It's perfect for all my stuff, not too much at that. I'm not skinny and it fits on my shoulder, but the outer handle does drop down off my shoulder a lot because it only barely fits.

    I fit my checkbook, small wallet, very small make up bag, and small LV agenda, cell phone & keys and it's pretty full with just that.

    I don't think you could fit a whole 8 x 11 notebook in it without it sticking out the top, it'll fit sideways, but you'll be able to see it and maybe not be able to put it on your shoulder with a notebook in it.

    I would go with the large if you have stuff like that.

    I soooooo want the Hamptons Business Tote, finecabernet!
  5. thanks everyone for your responses!

    yeah, i figured it wouldn't fit school stuff, but i just wanted to go into it knowing that (instead of being unpleasantly surprised). i need an everyday bag more than i need a schoolbag/work bag at this point in time anyway so i'm leaning towards medium. thanks all!
  6. the medium is a great size for an everyday bag. mine's sig, but here's a pic if you need size reference. :yes:

  7. I have the business tote...and I was debating for a long time whether to get that or the large carryall. Ultimately I wanted the business tote regardless, but I was stuck because I had $458 in store credit from a return and I knew I could get $80 worth of accessories if I went with the carryall. ANYWAY :rolleyes:! I brought my notebooks and textbooks to the Coach boutique, and basically, the carryall will fit them but it won't zip on the top, unless you're just carrying letter-sized notebooks with small binding or anything smaller than that. I tried to fit a plastic 2-pocket folder (sideways) into the carryall and it fit okay but it definitely wouldn't have zipped, at least not without bending it a whole lot. The business tote fits just about anything, at least sideways. but probably won't zip if you put like 3 or 4 one inch binders in it.
  8. kallison, i just wanted to confirm that you WERE able to kind of break in the handles to fit over you shoulder right? I saw the medium ones at the outlet today, and it baaarellly fit over my shoulder, but i feel like a big part of it was because of the stiff new leather.

    thanks jewelssss for the size reference! :smile:
  9. the handles do soften up a bit. it's still a tight fit for me, but it's possible.
  10. I believe I have the large size (?) It fits over my shoulder very well and I even used to carry my school notebooks in it over the summer last summer. Very spacious! I love it. Heres another photo for reference, I'm about 5'2, 110lbs.

  11. ^^That bag is gorgeous! I love the pear!!!^^
  12. i have the large business tote i think its even bigger then the pear bag pictured above but i could be wrong?

    either way i use it for everything for school! it can easily hold my notebooks, a textbook and then all my life stuff :smile: Its the best bag ever!!! :smile: (but not an everyday bag just for wallet and keys hehe unless you just feel like carrying a giant bag! :smile: but i thought id share just in case in the future you need a work bag, this should be the one!)
  13. Have you considered the Hamptons Pebbled Leather Satchel?

    This is seriously the best bag for any given occasion. I have the large one which holds a lot, without being to bulky and sits under you arm so well- I can only recommend it!:yes::heart: