Carryall Up for Grabs

  1. I recently had some sale goggles and ordered a Marmo Black Carryall. It wasn't to my liking. Rather than return it I thought I would put it up for grabs. Totally Free (including shipping)!

    Just say you want to put your name in the hat and at the end of the day 10 PM EST I'll have my DH pick a name to send it to (I'll have him pick so I don't play favorites.) I'll send it priority mail with tracking.

    I'd love this to go to someone who will really like it or someone who hasn't tried a carryall before.

    In Return if you like (just an option you don't have to) I'd love if you could make a donation to the red cross or charity of your choosing. 5 dollars- ? dollars.

    Much Love Hotties,


  2. Great way to start a Tuesday! :hugs: I PM'd you.
  3. Awesome idea Lu!
  4. Lu, you're so sweet! :smooch:

    As the owner of carryalls in Yam, Elephant Grey, Olive, Moonbeam, AND Marmot Chestnut, I'll let someone else enjoy it, but what a great way to give it a new home!
  5. I thought it was a great way to pay it forward.

    I already got a couple of names in the hat and I'll post here at the end of the day when the DH picks the name.
  6. Aw, this is so nice, Lu! I don't want to be put in the hat....just wanted to chime in on how wonderful I thought this was. I really like the idea of asking for donations for charity too :tup: Hope it goes to someone who will love it dearly!
  7. I haven't tried a carryall, and I was so tempted. But all the HH shipping issues have put me on a ban! I'd like to go into the hat, but only if others jump in with me ;)

    The donation idea is completely cool.
  8. I'll put your name in the hat Xglam. :smile:
  9. I don't want to be in the hat - I have quite a few carryalls - but just wanted to say what an awesome idea this is LULU!!!!!
  10. This is a lovely idea and gesture, Lu! I don't want to enter but I just wanted to say that. :heart:

    I love the lining but the traditional carryalls aren't for me. If I had to have one, it'd be the Pewter Anaconda but that's already sold out online LOL!
  11. Oooh, I just wanted to chime in to say that it's a terrific idea. I already have a few and don't need another, but thanks for putting the idea into everyone's head. And what wonderful generosity to do this!

  12. ooh, would like to try this out... had a grape shine carryall that i sold and then realized i need a new makeup bag. then the pewter anaconda i wanted sold out...

    btw, how do u like your bronze anaconda? do u think you'd have to baby it?
  13. I'll put your name in the hat MIB.

    I have a pewter anaconda, bronze anaconda & black bronze wizard snake and I think & know they will wear very well. I don't have to baby them at all.
  14. thanks lulu!

    from the 3 snake ones, which one's your fave? the bronze has the same lining as my eye glasses so it seems fun to do matchy matchy
  15. BBWS is my fav. because of the nylon lining. It's so easy to keep clean. Bronze Anaconda is my fav new one because it's so pretty & the lining looks so good with it.