Carryall or Keepall 45

  1. Which would be better for a guy to use on an everyday basis?

    Carryall( a lil' more than the rest)
    Speedy 40
  2. i honestly think all of those would be way too big to carry everyday...what do you intend on putting in it? if i had to choose, i'd choose the carryall.
  3. Speedy 40
  4. i do prefer the price of the 40 but im not sure of its masculinity, however it is large enough to practically be luggage and that it what i like
  5. Carryall is my favorite out of the bags you listed.
    Gosh, you must carry a lot of stuff.
  6. carryall :smile:
  7. hmmm.. i dont know what to do , does anyone have modelling of the 45
  8. carryall is the best the handles are bigger and it has side pockets and the keepal 45 is too small and the speedy 40 is kind of hard to get in and out of if you are going to use it as a travel pice...
  9. im buying the bag for everyday
  10. ^^^oooh in that case speedy 40 if you can pull it off, I tryed it and it was nice if only they made it in damier:girlsigh:

  11. I love the carryall.
  12. I'd get the keepall 45 with shoulder strap.
  13. carryall:tup:
  14. I personally find the Speedy to be too feminine for guys (myself included) and think that the Carryall would be the best option to carry stuff around in on a daily basis. The Keepall is a lovely classic but due to it's size and unstructured shape contents would be difficult to access if lightly packed or you were standing.
  15. Carryall, because it's structured and has feet.