Carry the Matellase all year-round, or just in the cold months?

  1. I love this bag, but because of it's puffy quiltedness, I feel like maybe it is best to carry it in the fall/winter. Do you think it would look OK to carry it in the spring/summer? Maybe some colors are better for certain seasons? I don't know, the puffer jacket quality makes me feel like it is a cold weather bag. What do you think? :shrugs: I want to carry it in the spring/summer too, but I don't want it to look strange.
  2. I absolutely think you can carry the matallasse all year round- I don't think of it as the same as a puffer jacket, but along the lines of a chanel-type quilting, which is classic and gorgeous. Definitely can be worn all year round!!
  3. ^^ ITA, just look at this cute tPFer!!! :tup:

    p.s. i hope she doesn't mind me posting these :heart:
    attachment-2.jpg attachment.jpg attachment-1.jpg
  4. ^^You're a cutie pie! You're making me want to start carrying my Matelasse (currently carrying my LV Mirage)!

    The Matelasse can definitley be carried year round!
  5. ^^ LOL, thanks girl, but it's not me :p
  6. definitely year round
  7. Thanks for posting those pics. They are a good example. It does look cute with the little sundress. I think a large black Matellase may look like a bit too much in the summer though, no? The lighter/brighter colors seem good to go for summer.:tup:
  8. Yes, it's a true year round bag and it doesn't matter what colour it is...It is perfect all year round!
  9. Those pics are so cute!! I totally agree it's all season. I see people carry quilted Chanel or woven BV's all the time - spring, summer, whatever. I think it's more about what you're putting it with than the bag itself, though I think the brighter colors do look more spring-y as well.
  10. erm, well, I have 3 Matelasse bags now, teehee, so I plan to carry them year-round, whenever the mood hits me! I LOVE them!:heart:
    The girl in those pics looks adorable with hers!
  11. year-round for me too. i'm not planning to stop wearing my matelasse!
  12. OOOPS! LOL! My bad!