carry on?

  1. Sorry if this is a silly thread, but i really can't decide... leaving for vegas this friday and only want to bring 2 bags- 1 tokidoki and 1 LV. Do I bring a ciao ciao or my campeggio as my carry on bag? Thanks for helping me decide!:nuts:
  2. Which prints do you have in which bags?
  3. LOL....

    ciao ciao: adios star, inferno, citta, spiaggia, tutti, (preorder transporto)
    portatelefono: citta
    caramella: inferno
    campeggio: inferno
    angioletto: black cammo
  4. campeggio
  5. I agree, I would take a campeggio. I think the campeggio holds more stuff. My big problem with the ciao ciao is that if I put too much stuff in it, it starts to look really bulky and strange. When I travel, I always end up shoving more things in my bags than I thought I would.
  6. Campeggio.
  7. I say Campeggio. It'll fit more in case you need it from shopping.:graucho:
  8. inferno campeggio >:biggrin:
  9. Sorry, it's so small I didn't even realize it was there :push:
    Are you going to use the bag when you're in Vegas or just on the plane?
  10. Wear the campeggio, and stuff a ciao ciao in your luggage peice! hahahaha
  11. I vote campeggio, too~ It won't look bulky, and you can fit *loads* into it :yes:
  12. CAMPEGGIO all the way for me!
  13. Hehehe, great suggestion, Reynald0c! :tup:
  14. Haha that's what I always do. I have one of those fold up duffle bags just in case I buy more than I can fit in my suitcase.
  15. Hmmm you have a point, I'll be using it around Vegas, too! Maybe I have to take 2 tokis?? :confused1: