Carry on the fits under seat....

  1. What LV could be used as a carry on, but also fits under the seat. I don't like to use the overhead compartment.... Thanks!
  2. I know the Cabas Mezzo and Alto can fit under the seat, as for the Speedy 40, and possibly the Keepall 45.
  3. The shoebags might also be good for this. :yes:
  4. Totally, splendid idea ayla!
  5. I use my Reporter GM as carryon and it fits under the seat with room for my footsies too! It's perfect for my plane must haves - laptop/book/water/pashmina, etc.
  6. Has anyone ever used their Neverfull MM as a carry-on? I am traveling next week and would like to know if this would be a good idea or not...
  7. I've used my Neverfull MM and I wouldn't recommend it because of the open top. I had to scoop some for my stuff from the floor before leaving the plane.

    I usually use my large Noé as a carry on.
  8. Does anyone know if the Keepall 45 fits under the seat? I think it's probably too big..... I like to take other size handbags in my carry on also. I'm too afraid to pack them....
  9. Thanks for the advice Millemini. :smile:
  10. hi! i have the speedy 40 and i have to squish it under there... so the 45 is def too big imo- and then not accessible. with the 40 i can slide it out and open and access it as such.
  11. I really like the idea of using the Speedy 40 as a carry-on bag! Thanks for the tip!:tup:
  12. The Eole 50 will fit, but only if you're on the aisle so you can maneuver it into the small space. It's a tight fit, but the only way to carry it on if you're on a very small (e.g. regional jet or turboprop) plane.
  13. I like the idea of the Keepall 45.
    Which is the best for durability (epi, mono, damier, etc)?