Carry-on Luggage?

  1. Can anyone recommend a carry-on suitcase? I am going to Vegas for 4 days and I don't want to check my bag. I think I have the clothes picked out to mix and match, and am taking just enough. If I buy anything, I will have to ship home. The last time I flew, the airline lost my suitcase. Oh- the more obnoxious the color the better.

    I have a LV 45 keepall, but I want wheels I think.

  2. I always take my 55 Keepall or Pegase 50 for short trips.
  3. I like Jansport luggage. It's very lightweight, inexpensive, and it comes in some VERY obnoxious colors/ patterns :lol:

    This is the newer version of what I have. I got mine at Kohls, but Amazon has it too!

  4. What airline are you travelling with?

    You may need to check the restrictions on bag policies before you buy carry-on luggage of any sort. :yes:
  5. I got a Betsey Johnson one on sale from TK Maxx last week. It's the perfect size for a few days away & as for the colours? Well, people will definitely see you coming from a mile away! I can't seem to find a picture of mine online though, but this one is pretty much this same size/style.

  6. I use garbage bags, so I'm not much help
  7. ^ROFL!

    I use an LV DAMIER PEGASE 60.Fits ALL my stuff and is allowed on airplane.
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao: at Charles :roflmfao:
  9. i have a dvf carry on, very cute and not expensive

  10. Delta is who I am flying. The 45 is so heavy and I was trying to find something else with wheels. I don't care if they take it at the jetway and stow it, but I really do not want to check a bag. My friend is going to have to check her bag because she will stay longer than I.

    i saw the BJ bags at TJM. cute. I found an Orange 22" high sierra carryon that will hold all that I plan to take and room for more. And an vivid color should I have to check. Purchases are being shipped home.

    A garbage bag really is the easier way- it would fit anywhere I chose to shove it on a plane.
  11. Me too! Or a cooler duct taped shut.
  12. ^lmao
  13. I have a red Samsonite carry on, hardside. Been around the world with the little devil, never checked it in. Don't carry any liquids though, they''l make you check it in...
    (4 days only and you are thinking of what bag to carry??? I took my carry on bag, for 1 month trip, you are a heavy packer huh???).

  14. I ave narrowed down to 2 pairs of shoes. Seriously thinking of leaving the dirty old ratty underwear behind. Everything is color-coordinated and mix matchable. Liquids even down to the minimum, thinking of using the Hotel (Ritz) shampoo.

    How did you last a month with a small bag?